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Welcome to the Department of Human Development and Consumer Sciences

Our vision is to challenge our students to be innovators in the marketplace and to be a leading center for scholarship and creative teaching and research. We are fortunate to be a vital part of a major retailing city that also values the importance of educating their workforce and investing in their human resources. We are an integral part of our city focusing our scholarship and talents toward enriching the lives of our students and contributing to the educational needs of the future. Our extraordinary strengths:

  • Exceptionally talented and interested students
  • Unique relationships with business partners, which leads to diverse internships, careers, and research opportunities for students
  • Engaging faculty who have executive and professional experience and believe in student potential for success
  • Dynamic city location that provides a rich cultural backdrop as a learning laboratory for our lives with professional employment opportunities
  • Exciting majors that inspire students to participate in our technology-rich learning community
  • Ongoing integration of future-oriented programs

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From helping you make decisions about your major to making preparations for graduation, we are here to assist.

With our advanced facilities, award winning faculty and industry connections, the Human Development and Consumer Sciences department offers students unique opportunities to achieve their highest potential and graduate with confidence in their skills.

Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development

Students earning a degree in Human Resource Development (HRD) become relationship-focused, problem solvers and key players, who assess, design and deliver solutions for training and performance management. With a comprehensive internship program that places students in highly competitive companies, the UH HRD degree prepares students to be efficient and effective workforce change agents, using advanced technology and web-based delivery systems.

Bachelor of Science in Retailing and Consumer Science

Vibrant, exciting, and financially rewarding careers await Retailing and Consumer Science (RCS) majors as they engage in the diverse and dynamic fields of retailing and consumer marketing in fashion, e-tailing, entrepreneurial, and other settings. Internship experiences place students with retail and market leaders resulting in highly employable skills and connections. Retail is the largest employer in the U.S. and globally!

Executive Human Resource Development

The Executive Master's in Human Resource Development is a unique, experiential program that develops participants to lead strategy execution by leveraging learning and change from a global perspective. The program enables graduates to leverage learning and change theory, frameworks, tools and techniques that facilitate strategy execution. An integral component of the curriculum is immediate workplace application. Students are required to complete action research projects that relate to change and learning in a work setting. The action research projects start during the first semester and extend throughout the program, resulting in a capstone presentation in the final semester.

Master of Science in Foresight

As futurists, Foresight graduates enter an emerging profession that helps clients and employers anticipate significant changes that lie ahead and influence those changes to achieve their long-term goals. Futurists analyze rapid alterations in external environments and use systems thinking to increase the chances of achieving preferred futures. Today’s strategists are facing these important professional challenges:

  • Challenging strategic assumptions
  • Translating strategy into action
  • Communicating strategy
  • Identifying discontinuous change
  • Adapting strategy to rapid change

Master of Science in Global Retailing

Imagine your future as an inspired creative thinker and leader in an expanding, fast-paced industry. Are you ready to learn new strategies from faculty whose industry partnerships provide a stimulating real world experience? If your answer is "yes", global retailing is ideal for you. A unique program that expands opportunities to successfully operate and lead retail businesses throughout the international marketplace, the program's focus is on the dynamics of multi-cultural consumer behavior, retail analytics, profitability and financial models. We prepare visionaries for a flourishing retail workforce with excellent career opportunities.

Master of Science in Human Resource Development

This graduate program is designed for those individuals who want to make a difference in the global world of Human Resource Development (HRD). Students examine e-learning tools; build an understanding of adult learning theory and organization dynamics, practice research and productivity measurement techniques, and gain new insights into career development/talent management. The focus is on critical thinking, understanding theoretical foundations, developing instructional design strategies and using assessment techniques to measure program effectiveness, impact, and continuous quality improvement in diverse organizations. Graduates become leaders that focus on sustaining growth and facilitating change in organizations.

Graduate Certificate in Foresight

Courses in the certificate are the same as those offered within the Master's degree in Foresight. Courses are offered online and face-to-face and the student simply takes four core courses. Upon completion, students are issued a certificate.

Professional Certificate in Foresight

The Foresight certificate program is a 5-day, project-based, face-to-face workshop. Participants learn to anticipate disruptive change and work towards the creation of transformational change in order to influence the future of their organizations, companies and communities. Participants will receive a professional certificate and four (4) CEUs (Continuing Education Units) from the University of Houston for attending the seminar. Students can also obtain a separate departmental certificate of achievement if they complete a foresight project after program delivery.

Certificates in Retailing and Consumer Science

Enhance your skills, extend your current capabilities, and prepare for a job promotion! Five undergraduate certificate programs offer professional advancement and/or academic foundation for transition to the bachelor's degree. Certificates in Apparel Merchandising, E-Tailing, Retail Organizations, Retail Promotion, and Technology Entrepreneurship are available. Each certificate includes 5 semester-long courses.

HDCS Minors

Students wishing to obtain a minor may choose any approved minor program within the College of Technology. Minimum requirements range from 15 to 18 semester hours of course work, of which 9 must be advanced; 9 semester hours in residence at UH, of which 6 must be advanced; and a 2.0 minimum grade point average in all courses in the minor at the University of Houston. For official requirements, see the University of Houston Catalog.

  • Human Development and Consumer Sciences
  • Retailing and Consumer Science
  • Training and Development

See an Advisor

See an Advisor

Students are encouraged to visit with their advisor regularly to update their degree plan and to stay informed about the resources offered by the College of Technology.



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Advising Forms

Advising Forms

Forms necessary for your academic planning including change of major, and general petition form.

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Contact Us

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Student Organizations

Collegiate DECA

Collegiate DECA is a student-driven organization that serves in the Houston community and values competence, innovation, integrity, and teamwork. We prepare our students for careers by integrating skills learned in the classroom into real world experiences.

Student Society of Human Resource Development

The Student Society of Human Resource Development (SSHRD) is a society created by the students for the students. Here, we explore opportunities to come closer and get organized as a formal forum of students with a common interest, which is Human Resource Development. As members of SSHRD, we can expect opportunities in the areas of professional and academic development.