UH Interim Undergraduate grade policy - Planning guide for College of Technology Students - University of Houston
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UH Interim Undergraduate grade policy - Planning guide for College of Technology Students

For more COVID-19 updates, resources, and information on the interim grade policy click here.

Download the pdf version of Interim grading policy decision tree


This guide will help you plan for the rest of the semester and maximize your chances of succeeding as you work through the decision making process.
Weeks Week's plan Dates to Consider
April 12-18

Aseess your Situation

  • What is your grade status for every single course?
  • Do you understand how assignments have been modified?
  • Do you know how the grading scale will work?
  • Do you know how communication methods have been altered?
  • Do you have a place to work at home?
  • Is your technology working?
  • Your grades matter! Are you able to successfully complete the course through the end of the semester given the provisions of the Interim Grade Policy as opposed to dropping the course?
  • See the Grade Strategy Decision Tree to understand how the Interim Grade Policy fits with your plans

Follow Strategies to Succeed

April 19-27

Keep it up

  • Complete final assignments
  • Begin to prepare study guides
April 26-May 6

Finish Strong

  • Carefully review the Registrar’s instructions on grade options under the Interim Grading policy
  • Calculate your GPA, including “what-if” grading scenarios for how your course-by-course choice will impact your GPA Check for any changes to instructions for your final exams.
  • GPA calculator: https://www.math.uh.edu/~jmorgan/gpa/
  • Create a daily study schedule based on final exam schedule

4/27: Last Day of Classes

4/27: Registrar’s instructions on Interim Grading policy

4/28-5/6: Final examination period.

May 11-18

Make Grade Decisions

  • Review each posted final grade.
5/11: Deadline for faculty to post Final Grades in myUH.