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Installation of Bitrage CR-45A Microwave Radio System

Sergio Chacón and Yao Ning

The Bitrage microwave radio system was installed to extend the Optical Networking Research Laboratory network located in the Technology building 2, second floor, to the Network Laboratory located on the first floor of the Technology buildings 1. The DS3 signal from one of the Fujitsu FLM150 hand-offs is used to provide up to 28 T1 lines to the Network Lab. With this installation students in the Net lab can connect with devices located in the ONRL for projects and experiment, for example, with routing protocols and network management.

CR45-A System Description

The CR45-A radios are deployed in pairs, one CR45-A-53 and one CR45-A-58. The CR45-A-53 radio transmits at 5.3 GHz and receives at 5.8 GHz, and the CR45-A-58 transmits at 5.8 GHz and receives at 5.3 GHz. The data interface to the CR45-A radio is an industry standard DS3. It is strongly recommended that the CR45-A radios be deployed with the optional IU-45A Indoor Unit. In addition to providing power and signal isolation for the CR45-A radio, the IU-45A also displays a copy of the display panel on the radio.