Summer Research Training Program - University of Houston
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Summer Research Training Program


From students who finished the summer camp, ten students will be invited to participate in the Summer Research Training Program. During the Training Program, participants will work with faculty and graduate students, to learn scientific techniques used in different fields of Food Science, Nutrition, and Agricultural Biotechnology.

Your students will develop skills to design experiments and interpret results. As a result, they will develop critical thinking, problem-solving, written, and oral communication skills. These are valuable skills that should help them succeed in pursuing college degrees.

Those will be achieved by their experiences with their faculty and UH student mentors. 

They will also get a Preview of campus life at the University of Houston

  • Participants will be awarded $1000 stipends
  • Mentoring experiences
  • Preview of campus life at the University of Houston



Week 1

  • Skills for Conducting Research
  • Visit 6 UH Instrumentation Facilities    
  • Visit UH Food and Agriculture Research Labs
  • Safety Training
  • Student Survey

Week 2 - Week 7

  • Student grouped in teams to work in 5 research labs specialized in Food Science, Nutrition, and Agricultural Biotechnology.
  • Students will work with graduate students to get accustomed to lab procedures
  • Students will design and conduct experiments under the supervision of graduate students
  • Student will prepare weekly reports to present at the lab group meetings

Week 8

  • Students prepare PowerPoint presentations
  • Students complete a survey to share their research experiences
  • Students will receive $1,000/each and a certificate