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Summer Camps

2023 - USDA-HSI Program-Student Application For Summer Camp

For any questions, please contact Mr. Andres M. Acosta at


The Summer Camp gives you hands-on research activities, campus tours, and research facility visits. You will meet experts from USDA, UH faculties, UT-Health, Texas A&M University, and industry partners.

For the 3-day SUMMER CAMP, we will be inviting around 20 students to participate in research activities, give them tours of the main campus and UH Sugar Land and the research facilities, and meet experts from different institutions including the USDA and industry.

During the camp, students will be paired with UH students, whom we will refer to as their Cougar buds, and who will share their own experience at UH. 

Parents will be invited to join the students on the campus on the last day of the summer camp and be provided with information on UH programs in Food Science, Nutrition and Agriculture Biotechnology.  Students will be awarded a certificate for completing the summer camp.

  • Experience a real university lab
  • Explore dozens of new career opportunities.
  • Make new friends with other students interested in STEM careers.

 The 3-day schedule is packed with talks from different experts and visits to the main campus and Sugar Land facilities. 



Summer Camp Schedule

Day 1
UH Sugar Land Campus
Day 2
UH Sugar Land Campus
Day 3
UH Main Campus

Morning Session   (3 hours)

  • Career opportunities in Food Science (1 hr)
  • Hands-on activities: Food Safety (2 hr)
  • Career opportunities in Agriculture (1 hr)
  • Hands-on activities: Production of Algae Food Products (2 hr)
  • Career opportunities in private industries and entrepreneurship (1 hr)
  • UH Campus visit (2 hr)

Afternoon Session (3 hours)

  • UH degree programs in Food Science and Biotechnology (1 hr)
  • Hands-on activities: Processing Food using Enzymes (2 hr)
  • UH Facilities, UH Scholarships and Resources (1 hr)
  • Hands-on activities: Food Calories, Nutrition and Labeling (2 hr)
  • Tour the Food Service Operations at Hilton College (1 hr)
  • Career Opportunities, Degree Plans, and Funding Opportunities at UH (2 hr) (Bilingual Presentation for Parents)