USDA-PUP Program - University of Houston
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June 12-13, 2023

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USDA-PUP is a four-year project, funded by USDA. The program focuses on attracting Hispanic and other underrepresented students at targeted Houston and Fort Bend high schools. By participating, students will get motivated to join one of the UH programs related to Food Science, Nutrition, and Agricultural Biotechnology,  and prepare them for careers in those fields.


  • Summer Workshops

    These workshops provide high school students with information about career opportunities in Food Science, Nutrition, and Agriculture Biotechnology. We specifically encourage 11th-grade students to attend the 2-hour workshop and the UH summer camp.

  • Summer Camps

    This is an excellent opportunity for fun and education. You will enjoy hands-on activities, campus tours, and you will meet experts from USDA, UH faculties, UT-Health, Texas A&M University, and Industry. The program includes activities in Food Science, Nutrition, Agricultural Biotechnology, and related fields.

  • Summer Research Training Program

    This is your opportunity to work hand-in-hand with UH faculty and students. Together, you will design experiments, and become familiar with scientific techniques in Food Science, Nutrition, and Agriculture Biotechnology. Summer research participants will be awarded $1000 stipends.