Optical Bioimaging Lab - University of Houston
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Optical Bioimaging Lab

We investigate healthy and diseased human tissues using light.

Explore more about our multidisciplinary research in brain imaging and tissue oxygenation.

Brain Imaging

We measure cortical hemodynamics using near infrared spectroscopy to understand how the brain functions.

Tissue Oximetry

We measure tissue oxygenation and blood perfusion with optical instruments and wearable sensors to understand human physiology and detect diseases



PHOEBE Screenshot

PHOEBE facilitates the placement of fNIRS optodes thanks to an intuitive GUI interface. Visit the page below to learn more and try it out.

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Current Openings

Lab Image

We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow and several graduate fellows to work on current lab projects.

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Pollonini Featured on UH Moment


Dr. Pollonini discussed his research on optical sensors for early detection of pressure ulcers in his interview with Houston Public Media.

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