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Transmedia Marketing®

Are you ready to gain a career edge while unleashing marketing power? No longer is a marketer only cultivating a creative strategy. Rather, you must blend a strong dose of technology to best reach and retain today’s audience. With mobile consumption now the premier communication tool, and with many opportunities for creative storytelling, marketers require new techniques to craft their message to best reach and retain an audience.

In this hands-on course, you will be creating a transmedia marketing® campaign for either yourself, your company, a product or service, or a non-profit organization (your choice).

About the Course

12 weeks + $650 = One Inspired Transmedia Marketing® Campaign.

Through case studies, a campaign project, interactive sessions, videos, and guest master appearances, you will fine-tune your professional skill-sets with transmedia marketing® tactics that will drive your promotional efforts to the next level.

  • History and development of transmedia production
  • Research and planning
  • Production flow tactics
  • Planning and activating audience triggers
  • Media platform comparisons
  • Narrative and storyworld construction
  • Content creation
  • Best practices for various media productions including video, video games, VR/AR/Mixed Reality, and live events.
  • Measuring success and results



Award-Winning Guest Master

A transmedia marketing® guru, Andy Merkin has developed numerous campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. Beyond his video instruction, you will get feedback from him at the end of the course.

Andy Merkin

Start Date and Duration

12 weeks; The start date is January 27th, 2020. Only 24 seats are available!

Required Hardware and Software

  • A computer that is running a minimum operating system requirement of Mac OS X 10.10 and Windows 7.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) software  (you will be using Adobe InDesign & Photoshop); and PowerPoint or Keynote 

Gain a career edge with a Transmedia Marketing® professional certificate. Join us, and unleash your marketing power!

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