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Spring 2023 session starts Monday, January 23

Transmedia Marketing® is the practice of motivating people to action by producing and distributing an integrated and consistent brand experience across at least three media channels—each carrying different content—to accomplish a unified goal. Techniques employed include storytelling, world-building, and cultivating audience participation and feedback over multiple platforms

This is the only Transmedia Marketing® certification program in the world.  It offers a time saving, online curriculum for adult learners seeking an engaging training experience from which they create projects offering immediate job impact and career value.

minimal time + minimal $ = finished project with a certificate

No longer is a marketer only cultivating a creative strategy. Rather, you must blend a strong dose of technology to best reach and retain today’s mobile-consuming audience.

Powerful marketing tactics for creative technologists


Get personal feedback from Emmy or Clio award-winning Guest Master instructors.*

*on most courses.


12 weeks per online course; Fall, Spring, Summer entry.


$650.00 per course or $3,000 for the completed program.

Ideal For


Small Business Owners


Freelance Creatives


Mid-level Marketing Professionals


Creative Professionals

Courses Offered


"Join my new, online Content Strategy course. In 12 weeks, you will develop a powerful social media campaign utilizing proven branded content strategies."

- Monika Alters

Instructional Assistant Professor

12 weeks + $650 = one powerful social media campaign.


"Join my new, online Data Mining Marketing course. In 12 weeks, you will develop a dynamic data mining marketing strategy utilizing proven data mining tactics."

- Mark Hargrove, MS

12 weeks + $650 = one dynamic data mining marketing strategy


"Join my new, online Video Production course. In 12 weeks, you will develop a world-class video promotion utilizing proven visual storytelling tactics."

- Phil Snyder, MFA

Instructional Associate Professor

12 weeks + $650 = one world-class video promotion.


"Join my new, online Transmedia Marketing® course. In 12 weeks, you will develop an inspired, multi-media campaign utilizing proven transmedia tactics."

- Karen Snyder, MFA

12 weeks + $650 = one inspired transmedia marketing® campaign.