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The Center for Life Sciences Technology, in affiliation with the biotechnology program at the University of Houston, is currently engaged in the following:

  • Research Projects - Our focus is the investigation of man-made xenobiotic deposition in the environment and microorganisms useful to the detoxification of organophosphates, petroleum hydrocarbons, aromatics, and polychlorinated waste.
  • Interdisciplinary Research-based Curriculum - The laboratory curriculum, developed in collaboration with industry and academic partners, uses a collection of organophosphorus-degrading bacteria to demonstrate the lifecycle of a biotechnology product.
  • Facilities, Equipment, and Methodology - The BTEC laboratory is set up to store, analyze, andengineer bacterial microorganisms for xenobiotic degradation.
  • Program Assessment - We have developed a total of eight program outcomes under the ATMAE accreditation model for the undergraduate BTEC program at UH. In addition, student learning outcomes for most core BTEC courses are included on class syllabi.
  • CLiST Presentations - A collection of CLiST presentations.
  • CLiST Publications - A listing of all published material developed by BTEC faculty, staff, and students.