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Our Principles

"The art of medicine lies in making the right decision in the face of uncertain information."
— Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. 1809-1894

The Four Principles of 21st Century Health Care

The Abramson Center For The Future of Health is dedicated to accomplishing the research, prescribing the action, and training the people to provide Houston and its surrounding areas with the finest health care available in the world—now and in the future.

The center focuses on the work that can be reasonably expected to define the health care of this century:

  1. Transparency: The free flow of medical information and the means to interpret and manage it.
  2. Visibility: The ability to know, as far as possible, the outcomes of medical decisions.
  3. Decisioning: Transforming raw data into answers that are relevant to patients' lives. Decisioning includes shared responsibility for decision making among patients, physicians, and families.
  4. Distributed Health Care: Health care when and where it is needed. For some patients, that means health care delivered at home or at work. For others, it means easing disparities in health care in communities around the world. Finally, accomplishing distributed health care requires the development of new professions that support informed consumers.