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the race card project

  • What is The Race Card Project?

    The Student Centers would like to provide students with a safe and comfortable platform to speak out against racial injustice, and in the process, feature our students' feelings on this subject. This is your opportunity to give your perspective and share your individual story as it pertains to race. You have the autonomy to be as creative as you would like with your definition and your commentary.

    Watch an example video

What's your story?

Share your thoughts on the word “race” in only six words and share a description of why you picked those six words. Submissions are entered for a chance to be on the Featured Story..

Tell us your story!

Student Examples


  1. This space welcomes UH students from all backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, and identities.
  2. We ask that you be respectful of the space and everyone in it — disrespectful language or behavior will not be tolerated. Engaging in disrespectful language or behavior may be reported to the Dean of Students.
  3. This is an open space to discuss perceptions on race, but please do not share any violent, graphic, or sensitive topics without a trigger warning
  4. Note that while we work to open up a brave space, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, but conversations can be safer if all involved agree to keep the information confidential.
  5. The Student Center Staff will take steps to make sure this space stays safe including muting or removing participants if needed.
  6. Participants who are selected to be featured are selected at the discretion of the Student Center Staff.
  7. The Student Center Staff are mandated reporters, if there is any information regarding sexual assault, sexual misconduct, sexual violence, any illegal activity or student code violations, we are required to report it.*

* 3.16 Responsible Employee: A University employee who has the duty to report incidents of Sexual Misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator or another appropriate designee, or an employee whom an individual could reasonably believe has this duty. Responsible employees include all administrators, faculty, and staff, except Confidential Resource Employees. Info on Mandated reporters (Responsible Employee)

If you have any questions, please email scmarketing@uh.edu.

Resources for Students

  • Center for Diversity and Inclusion

    The Center for Diversity and Inclusion provides a range of workshops, programs, student leadership opportunities that help students articulate beliefs, cultivate teamwork, and communication skills that prepare students for a culturally diverse workforce and global community. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about diversity, inclusion, and equity, visit their website or email them at uhcdi@central.uh.edu.

  • Dean of Students

    The Dean of Students is here to promote overall student success. They serve as advocates for students while they navigate challenges, to educate and promote a respectful and safe campus environment. If you need to have additional conversations surrounding participation in this event, please visit their website or email them at dos@uh.edu.

  • Counseling and Phycological Services

    Counseling and Phycological Services promotes the well-being of a diverse campus community by offering mental health services and training that foster self-discovery, learning, and interpersonal engagement. If issues about race or hearing these stories, has you feeling down, visit their website to see how they can better assist you.

  • Equal Opportunity Services

    The Office of Equal Opportunity Services enforces our Anti-Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct/Title IX Policies, in addition to supporting the university's goal of fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. If your participation in this program has you feeling like you need additional support in these areas, please visit their website or email them at eos@uh.edu.