COVID-19 Response - University of Houston
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Changes listed below are being made based on recommendations from the CDC and other governmental recommendations to try and slow the spread of COVID-19.


Following the University guidelines found on UH Responds to COVID-19 — face coverings are no longer required on the University of Houston campus per Governor Abbott’s Executive Order #36 but are encouraged.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Hand sanitizer dispensers have been added at the following locations:

  • All entrances/exits
  • By all elevators
  • By all restrooms
  • In main office lobby areas

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Frequency of cleaning high-touch areas have increased
  • Stronger EPA-approved chemicals are being used
  • Working closely with the custodial staff to evaluate additional needs moving forward
  • Nanoseptic technology will be installed on several high-touch areas such as elevator buttons and wide handle push bars
  • Clorox 360 electrostactic cleaner purchased to disinfect event spaces


  • Currently rotating staff
  • Approximately 50% work remotely at a time
  • Implementing daily log to have staff self-identify if symptomatic
  • Implementing Student Safety Crew

Public Spaces/Lounges/Lobby


  • Some furniture temporarily placed in storage to allow for additional distancing
  • Signs placed on furniture to indicate which seats are available/unavailable
  • Touchless water faucet installed in Suite 271
  • Removed communal appliances like bottled water dispensers & Keurig and added signage and hand sanitizer
Carrel Space (SC North)
  • Temporarily placed half of the carrel chairs into storage
  • Added signage with new capacities for offices

HVAC/Air Filter Changes

  • Air Handlers and fan coil unit maintenance performed June 2020
  • Regular Preventative maintenance will be conducted to ensure proper functionality and filtration
  • Higher rated filters being installed campus-wide


Both Physical and Digital signage to display various physical distancing, personal hygiene and COVID-19 related information.


  • Signs placed near main staircase encouraging patrons to use stairs
  • Signs placed inside & outside all elevators with recommended capacity


  • Floor decals placed at all entrances re: maintaining 6ft distance & wearing masks

Lounge Space

  • Sign stands near lounge areas encouraging physical distancing
  • Temporary stickers on furniture to indicate appropriate spacing


  • Signage placed on mirrors regarding proper hand-washing
  • Signage placed on outside of stalls to ensure proper distancing


  • Signage above breakroom sinks to wash hands
  • Signage to wipe down communally-used appliances

Shared Printers

  • Signage above device requesting individuals to clean after use

Water System

  • Use of water fountains will be discouraged
  • Touchless water filling stations will be operational and more frequently cleaned
  • Before reopening, staff walked facility to flush out stale water from sinks and restrooms
  • Ice Machines have been emptied and serviced

Protective Equipment

  • Sneeze Guards/Plexiglass have been added at several front desks/counters including CARS, Shastas, Game’s Room and Info Desk
  • Foot Pulls added on restroom doors that don’t push outwards
  • Gloves provided for staff to use as needed

Leisure Services

Games Room and Shasta’s Ice Cream & More have established protocol to ensure the safety of all individuals

  • Employees wear gloves and face masks
  • Additional seating has been removed
  • No longer taking Cash. Credit Card only
  • Bulk candy purchase is no longer self serve
  • UV wands to help sanitize equipment
  • Stronger spray for shared equipment
  • COVID Risk Management Matrix for Games Rooms events