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25 Staff for 25 Years

Staff Council believes that all University of Houston staff are Tier One staff. As part of the Staff Council 25 Year Celebration, Staff Council is highlighting 25 meritorious staff as representatives of the diversity and the broad range of positions and talents that support the University's missions.

Staff members were nominated in early to mid 2012 from across the university community, self-nominations included. In addition, Staff Council considered nominees of the 2012 UH Staff Excellence Awards who were not acknowledged through that program. Below you will find the highlighted achievements and broad range of talents of those selected to represent UH Tier One staff.

A high-resolution PDF (8 MB) of all recipients is available for download.

Cheryl Amoruso Cheryl Amoruso
Director, Justin Dart, Jr., Center for Students with DisABILITIES
Cheryl has been Director of the CSD since 1999, when the Center served 300 students. Today it serves about 1400, so Cheryl has led the effort to develop numerous policies, procedures, and programs in response to the growth. Cheryl is committed to ensuring that students with disabilities obtain and maintain academic accommodations, and has also been engaged in securing student scholarships, disability advocacy and awareness campaigns, and coordination between campus services. The effect she has on students' lives is shown by thank-you letters and donations to CSD from alumni. Cheryl shows Tier One passion and dedication toward our students.
Danny Arocha Danny Arocha
Director of Enrollment, Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management
Danny is responsible for recruiting high school and community college students, both locally and nationally. His passion for UH is contagious, and 1/3 of Hilton College students mention Danny as a primary reason for their selection. He has also initiated recruitment programs—summer camps, a student ambassadors group, and a Fall open house. Through Danny's dedication to recruiting the most highly qualified students, Hilton College is more selective in admissions, leading to greater donations from corporations that want to hire its graduates. Aside from recruiting for the college, he also promotes recycling across campus. Danny is a Tier One booster.
Miguel Cabrera Miguel Cabrera
Program Coordinator for Development, Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management
Miguel promotes UH and Hilton College daily through contact with the Houston hospitality industry and the college's alumni, helping to bring in tens of thousands of dollars for new and existing endowments. He is a hard worker who is helpful and approachable, always has a smile, and can talk to anyone. Miguel is a Tier One connector.
Jesse Caltzontzint III Jesse Caltzontzint III
Access Control Technician, Lock Shop
Jesse has been a locksmith at UH since 1990 and has always provided dependable and courteous service, no matter the time of day. He has also filled in as the interim supervisor for the Lock Shop and worked the hours needed to maintain the Lock Shop to standards while also fulfilling his regular duties. Jesse does what it takes for Tier One smooth operations.
Carmen Carter Carmen Carter
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, College of Technology
Carmen coordinates recruitment of prospective undergraduate students and retention of current students, and supervises academic processes and the day-to-day operations of the college's Academic Services Center, ensuring that each student she and her staff meet receives the best quality service and attention. She works with her staff to implement policies and programs that will lead to student success in classes, graduation, careers, and leadership. Currently pursuing her Ph.D. and highly involved in professional organizations herself, Carmen is keenly interested in and encourages professional development among her staff. Carmen is helping lead the effort for Tier One student success.
DeJuena Chizer DeJuena Chizer
Associate Athletic Director and Senior Woman Administrator, Athletics
DeJuena has dedicated most of her professional life to making UH a better place, especially for student-athletes, coaches, and fans. She competed as a UH student-athlete and, following a career in professional basketball and as a high school coach, DeJuena returned to UH as an assistant coach for women's basketball. In her current role, she oversees all development programs for over 350 student-athletes and supervises 9 women's sports. She also leads strategic initiatives that will shape Athletics as UH enters the Big East Conference. DeJuena is helping produce Tier One student-athletes who succeed in class and in the game.
Tamara Cobb Tamara Cobb
Academic Advisor 1, Comparative Cultural Studies
After advising students in the School of Art between 2007 and 2010, Tamara now advises in several programs—the Liberal Studies major, the Religious Studies minor, the new Nursing Dual Degree program (UH and UTHealth School of Nursing), and the new Global and International Studies minor. Tamara is highly competent, knowledgeable, courteous, and enthusiastic in advising for these diverse areas, and she has received many accolades from students she has helped when they had problems in the programs. Additionally, her administrative skills have been instrumental in building new programs. Tamara is contributing to Tier One student success.
Clausezette Davis Clausezette Davis
Senior Employment Representative, Human Resources
Clausezette came to Human Resources as a Senior Employment Representative in 2007 from the corporate world. She is known as a consummate professional who is dependable and courteous even in demanding situations, and who has authoritative knowledge on best practices in recruitment and hiring. When a software vendor tried to pass off a product for job and applicant tracking that would not meet UH users' needs, Clausezette worked beyond the scope of her training and experience to make sure that the UH community got the product it needed. Clausezette always wants the Tier One best for her customers and co-workers.
Carlo Deason Carlo Deason
Senior Academic Advisor and Community Liaison Officer, College of Technology
Carlo coordinates all academic advising activities in Technology and is responsible for specialty academic advising for Honors students, student-athletes, and first-generation students in the college. As an alum and current employee, Carlo considers UH a crown jewel in higher education and he is committed to furthering the university's mission of diversity and inclusiveness in student success. He strives for open and honest rapport with the students he advises so that he can serve as their voice and help the administration understand each student's needs. Carlo is helping make UH Tier One for everyone.
Robbie Evans Robbie Evans
Director, Urban Experience Program
As Director of the UEP, Robbie helps enhance the quality of education for students in the program, who may otherwise slip through the cracks. Robbie and her staff monitor the students' academic progress and expose them to opportunities in leadership, community involvement, internships, and employment. Her strong connections to other Houston community leaders have reciprocal benefits for UH and the city. Robbie single-handedly gives abundant attention to each UEP student and is determined to make sure they stay at UH and succeed past all expectations, regardless of background or other obstacles. Robbie is leading the way for Tier One diversity.
Jeff Fuller Jeff Fuller
Director of Student Recruitment, Admissions
Jeff leads efforts to position UH among the most highly qualified students so that they will choose Houston. He is vital in the university's pursuit to raise the academic profile of each entering freshmen and transfer class and he is focused on maintaining and increasing UH's diversity while raising the class profile. Jeff is involved in many statewide and national committees and boards that increase UH's presence in the higher education landscape and has also served in campus leadership roles, including two terms as Staff Council President and Chair of Operation School Supplies. Jeff shows Tier One passion for UH.
Akash Kumar Grover Akash Kumar Grover
Director of Rooms Operations, Hilton University of Houston
Akash is a UH alum who came back to campus to work at the Hilton so that he could develop students for the hotel industry with real-world experience. He is the strategic business leader for the Hilton's rooms operations, including the front office, business center, and housekeeping, ensuring that all practices meet Hilton standards. Through his position, Akash can train students to be proficient in all areas of the hotel. He also chairs the Hilton Blue Energy committee and strives for excellence in everything he does. Akash provides Tier One hospitality training.
Adam Leal Adam Leal
Department Business Administrator, Student Housing and Residential Life
Adam has been with UH Housing since 2008, first as an Accountant 2, and was promoted to Department Business Administrator in early 2012. Adam's staff and co-workers value his experience and personal traits not only because he has provided stability while the department has been moving offices, but also because he has been an effective leader in advancing several new initiatives, such as contract administration and a long overdue paperless filing system. Coupled with a crazy sense of humor and willingness to pitch in even to help move co-workers' furniture, Adam is a Tier One team player.
Selby Lo Selby Lo
Activities Coordinator 1, Center for Student Involvement
Selby oversees the risk management program and event registration process for student organizations so that they can be successful in their various programming efforts. He also advises Dance On, a UH organization that helps raise awareness and funds for pediatric illnesses and medicine. In just the full year he has been at UH, Selby has made several other contributions, including serving on the Division of Student Affairs Assessment Committee. He advocates for assessing programming effectiveness so that standards are continually elevated in DSA's culture of growth and change. Selby is engaged in Tier One hard work and smart work.
Ernie Manouse Ernie Manouse
Senior Host and Producer, HoustonPBS
Ernie is a three-time Emmy Award winner for his work at KUHT, the public station licensed to UH. He puts UH's name and reputation as a world-class university in front of a national audience with his syndicated talk show InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse and promotes UH by booking prominent faculty for the current affairs program Houston 8. Locally, he presents the university in a positive light by maintaining a high profile in the Houston community as a volunteer emcee and in leadership roles for many worthy causes. Ernie is shining a Tier One spotlight on UH.
Shari Mauthner Shari Mauthner
Instructional Designer 2, College of Pharmacy
Shari assists Pharmacy faculty with the use of technology, including training instructors, students, and staff how to use educational tools like Blackboard. She is always interested in how to aid student learning through technology and stays current with the literature. Shari attends and presents at conferences and always provides a follow-up presentation to college faculty to share knowledge. She also enthusiastically supports other activities in Pharmacy and at UH, serving on Staff Council and participating in annual events like the March of Dimes Walk. Shari is helping advance learning into the Tier One future.
William McCarter William McCarter
Mailroom Assistant, Law Center
William has been a Mailroom Assistant for the UH Law Center since 2003 and has always conducted his mail delivery with precision and efficiency, as well as taking on additional tasks to help the school. He has become an important part of the Law Center's Facilities Department because of his willingness to help with improvements, renovations, maintenance, event set up, and general labor, while continuing to provide exceptional mail service with a positive outlook and a pleasant demeanor. William shows Tier One initiative and pride.
Ann McFarland Ann McFarland
Director of the Office of Community Projects, Graduate College of Social Work
Ann supervises staff for GCSW outreach initiatives, coordinates continuing education activities, and connects with the community to develop new programs and grants. Ann's skills and expertise are highly regarded among colleagues in her extensive community collaborations, and she uses these opportunities to discuss UH's strengths as an employee and alum. She is also highly active on campus, serving as Staff Council President and on the Women's Commission. Ann is respected by her staff for her adept combination of a professional social work perspective and a saucy sense of humor. Ann is a Tier One advocate both on and off campus.
Jennifer Meeks Jennifer Meeks
Doctor of Audiology, Communication Science and Disorders
Jennifer manages audiology clinical services for the University Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic: A United Way Facility and has been a staff audiologist at UH since 2003. She also manages the Hearing Aid Assistance Program, which provides adults with hearing aids at reduced cost based on income. Jennifer is dedicated to promoting awareness of hearing loss and to improving the quality of life for people with hearing loss. She keeps current on hearing aid technology, and provides the community with hearing loss education and resources. Jennifer is helping make UH a Tier One leader in hearing loss awareness and support.
B. Renae Milton B. Renae Milton
Program Manager, Staff Council
B. Renae has worked at UH since 1986, as well as receiving her B.S. and M.S. degrees from the College of Technology and serving in many campus leadership positions. Since 1999, she has been the sole staff support for Staff Council, assisting an elected President and membership that change annually. The ever-growing success of Staff Council and its programs is a testament to B. Renae's loyalty, flexibility, and ability to implement different management and communication styles each year. B. Renae's work and service have been and continue to be vital to developing and advocating for a Tier One staff.
Craig Ness Craig Ness
Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs Administration and Finance
Craig leads all budgetary matters for Academic Affairs and guides college and department business administrators in the proper resource allocation and regulatory compliance. He may be the quintessential example of a UH staff member, starting in 1978 as an instructor and operations manager for the School of Communication and serving in a variety of roles and contributing to countless projects since then. In all of these, from implementing PeopleSoft to starting the Provost's Office Finals Mania pancake team, Craig leads through listening, insight, evaluation, and vigilance. Craig is a constant on UH's path to achieving and sustaining Tier One accomplishments.
Tiffany Roosa Tiffany Roosa
Academic Advisor 3, College of Technology
Tiffany has been an advisor for Technology graduate students since 2006 and manages a wide array of student issues both efficiently and enthusiastically. Additionally, she proactively helped develop a methodology for managing distribution of Doctoral Student Tuition Fellowship (DSTF) funds, which has become Technology's documented process and has been adopted by other colleges at UH for DSTF funding management. Tiffany has also promoted the College and UH through marketing of certificate programs, and by helping showcase Technology as an option for NASA employee retraining through a Texas Workforce Commission initiative. Tiffany is helping raise UH's Tier One profile.
Catherine Santos Catherine Santos
Laboratory Supervisor 2, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Catherine received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from UH in 2009 and has been a laboratory supervisor in Civil and Environmental Engineering since 2010. She teaches graduate lab classes and maintains the Environmental Lab facilities, and is responsible for lab safety. CEE students, staff, and faculty enjoy working with Catherine because she is friendly and dedicated, and she has a positive attitude in difficult situations. She is pro-active in teaching students in the program about lab safety and proper instrument use, and she engages them in thinking critically about their projects. Catherine helps provide the infrastructure for Tier One research.
Veronique Tran Veronique Tran
Director, Quality Enhancement Undergraduate Research Program
Veronique is a 1991 UH alum and, after attaining her Ph.D., she returned as a faculty member in 2004. In 2007, as Director of Special Projects in the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Veronique was instrumental in the development of the UH Quality Enhancement Plan, which was essential for the university's reaffirmation of accreditation. Today she coordinates the QEP for undergraduate research as well as the Tier One Scholars Program, forming partnerships between people and programs across UH to provide exceptional service on multiple levels—to students, faculty, the community, and national organizations. Veronique is a Tier One leader.
Carolina Villarroel Carolina Villarroel
Brown Foundation Director of Research, Arte Público Press
Carolina began at Arte Público Press in 1997 as a Research Assistant while pursuing her Ph.D. in the UH Hispanic Studies Department. She now oversees the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project, supervising several graduate students in researching Latino literature and history, as well as applying for grants for this prestigious and internationally known initiative. Carolina is motivated, cordial, and approachable to those at and outside UH who come to the Recovery Project for data. Carolina is helping keep UH at the forefront of U.S. Latino research and is part of what makes UH a Tier One research institution.

The following were nominated and selected for "25 Staff for 25 Years," but left UH prior to publication. Their contributions to the University are honored as well.

Photo Unavailable Linda Keng
(Former) Administrative Assistant, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Linda began working at UH in 1990 and was with ChBE from 2007 until late 2012. Although her primary responsibility was to support the department chair, she took on tasks that had great impact across ChBE, including coordinating numerous events that enhanced the department’s visibility, supplying critical documentation for a successful accreditation review, and supporting all aspects of hiring 11 new faculty members. Linda’s initiative and diligence have been highly regarded by ChBE faculty, staff, students, and alumni. She was also a UH Staff Council representative. While she was at UH, Linda provided a great example of Tier One dedication.
Janis Landry Janis Landry
Director of Special Events and Donor Relations, Moores School of Music (Retired)
Janis began her UH career in 1986 as Director of Constituent Relations for the Office of the Chancellor, managing Wortham House, planning and executing all System events, and implementing protocol for foreign dignitaries. Starting in 1998, and until her recent retirement, she helped develop the Moores School of Music Society's membership and fundraising. In this role, Janis interacted comfortably with Houston society and business leaders to increase awareness and interest in the school through numerous functions and gala dinners. She is known for bringing an age-old elegance to everything she does and possessing an extraordinary institutional memory. During her UH career, Janis was our Tier One secret weapon.