GCSW College of Social Work
Welcome to the first edition of our new TOWARD e-news. Each month we will highlight work from our College that makes an impact and moves us toward our shared vision of achieving social, racial, economic, and political justice in the pursuit of liberation for all. Rather than a roundup of all the incredible research and other activities from our College, we want to specifically highlight innovative ideas, research, collaborations and conversations that seek to propel our work beyond the confines of traditional avenues of accessibility.

We look forward to the additional conversations and new ideas sparked by these offerings as we continue to explore new ways and avenues to move social work forward as we continue to push toward freedom and liberation together.

GCSW Associate Professor and Humana Endowed Chair in Social Determinants of Health – Sheara Jennings

"The issue of police violence, involving Black people in particular, has been framed as a public health crisis in this country and as an epidemic because it affects a large population of Black people as a community and a population. On top of this, we have COVID which is impacting everyone but has exacerbated long-standing health and racial disparities."

LISTEN to the podcast interview where Dr. Sheara Jennings discusses her research collaboration with the Center for Justice Research exploring how the COVID-19 pandemic collided with a national outcry against police violence, illuminating long standing and complex issues.


GCSW Associate Professor Jodi Berger Cardoso and Assistant Professor Reiko Boyd were panelists for "Perspectives on Abolition: Social Work's Role in and Response to the Abolitionist Movement" at the Society for Social Work Research's (SSWR) annual conference

"Abolition is definitely on the radar of social work, and perhaps in a new way that is more central than ever before. Why now? This question is essential for us to ask ourselves. The abolition movement is not new, but it is gaining further traction in mainstream discourse and inspiring new waves of activism.

Many are searching for answers and finding meaning, power, and direction in abolition within social work.
                                       –Reiko Boyd

READ the interview with Dr. Reiko Boyd where she shares her perspective on abolition and social work.