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Nonprofit Partners: How To & Why


The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) Certificate Program provides a basis for professional competency, student association leadership experience, job placement, and certification.

Coupled with the bachelor’s degree, the program itself covers 10 learning competencies designed to educate students thoroughly about the nonprofit sector through the following items:

  • Academic Coursework & Training
    • Topics include: General Management, Fiscal Management, Public Relations & Marketing, Human Resources, Cultural Competency, and an Overview of Nonprofit Organizations, Social Work & Social Services.
  • Leadership & Service Learning
    • Experiential Learning exposes students to: Program Planning, Networking, Event Preparation and Team Building
  • Attendance to the Alliance Management Institute
  • An NLA Internship (480 hours) with a local nonprofit organization

We invite Houston area nonprofit organizations to join with us in this effort by becoming one of our "Nonprofit Partners".


The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly American Humanics) program’s student internship for the University of Houston (in the Graduate College of Social Work)

  • the student with a meaningful and intensive on-the-job training experience in preparation for an entry level manager position while maintaining a student role
  • the organization with the opportunity to train and utilize future professionals in the nonprofit sector


If you are interested in your organization becoming a Nonprofit Partner, please complete the Partner Inquiry form

Once you submit an inquiry:

  • NLA Staff will contact your agency with detailed information and request a full agency profile and sample job description
  • Upon receipt of profile, NLA reviews your organization and leadership to determine if you are currently offering an appropriate opportunity for our students

Once your organization is approved:

  • If your agency is approved, your staff contact will be added to our Nonprofit Partners mailing list to solicit internship descriptions according to the placement timeline (below)
    • Our mailing list is strictly used to request internship opportunities throughout the academic year
    • We understand that timing is important to all organizations. If you are able to hostan intern, we ask that you submit a description for review. If not, then your agency can wait for the following cycle to submit a job description to be reviewed.
  • Upon approval, we post your intern opportunity on our website for Nonprofit Leadership Alliance students to access when researching for their capstone experience.
  • If you/your organization interviews and is matched with a student intern, NLA will create and mail you the documents required to formally affiliate your agency with the University of Houston NLA program.

Once your organization is chosen by a student:

  • Students complete 3-5 internship interviews during their NLA Internship search. If a student interviews with your organization, they are required to report back to the NLA office to determine which the best match is before entering into any agreements for placement.
  • If your agency is matched to a student, NLA will create and mail you the documents required to formally affiliate your agency with the University of Houston NLA program.


The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance program runs off an academic calendar and internships begin at the beginning of each semester (Spring, Summer, and Fall).
Preparation for internship begins in the previous semester, please see a schedule below:

Internship Begins
January to May
May to August
August to December

*Call for job description, student reviews, interview selection, etc.