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Alliance Management Institute (AMI)

The Alliance Management Institute (AMI) is an intensive educational symposium designed for college students, alumni, campus directors, faculty members, nonprofit partners, nonprofit professionals, and volunteers. Established in 1973, AMI provides the ultimate experience in nonprofit management and leadership education. 

At the annual Institute, local and national nonprofit leaders present issues pertinent to professional leadership and engage participants through plenaries, workshops, forums, and case studies. The AMI Expo & Career provides local and national nonprofit executives the opportunity to share their wisdom pertaining to student resumes, interviewing skills, job search strategies and career development within the nonprofit sector.

The unique, experiences format of the Institute organization the next generation of nonprofit leaders to the realistic interactive of a nonprofit exposes.  

What do you do at "AMI"?


Presenters will motivate & engage your leadership skills in interactive Workshops, as well as strengthen your abilities in fundraising & philanthropy, including grant writing strategies. You will identify vital skills needed in communication & collaboration; and finally explore new competencies and confidence building activities.

Case Study

An exercise in mobilizing creative leadership you will have the opportunity to learn about an nonprofit agency in host city, while you learn about their services. A staff member will present a real issue they face, and your team will offer your expertise, research, and potential solutions.

AMI Expo/Career Interviewing

Network and explore career opportunities with over nearly 500 students, faculty, nonprofit professionals, published nonprofit authors & sponsors.

NOTE: All students will participate in a fundraising campaign to fund travel and conference expenses.