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Leadership & Service Learning in the Student Associations

The NLA Experience offers students the opportunity to gain leadership experiences. Part of this is achieved through their internship, but a significant portion is achieved through activity with the Nonprofit Leadership Student Association (NLSA).

NLSA is a "student run" organization and provides many opportunities for developing leadership and teamwork skills. NLSA committees organize and plan specific NLA activities and events to gain experience in program planning, to network with community leaders and nonprofit professionals, as well as to meet other students interested in working in the nonprofit sector.

Through the NLA Program, students are *REQUIRED* to complete the following items before certification to round out their NLA experience:

  • Active participation in the Nonprofit Leadership Student Association (NLSA).
    Minimum of ten (10) hours per semester of association and/or committee meeting attendance.
  • Organize and participate in at least three (3) agency site visits.
    A minimum of three (3) offered EVERY semester
  • Organize and attend Fall Professional Workshop Series.
    Four (4) Fridays from 1:00—5:00 pm
  • Organize and attend at least one (1) Fall Retreat.
    One (1) full day in September
  • Organize and attend at least one (1) Flo McGee Career Development Institute (CDI)
    One (1) full day in April
  • Organize and attend at least one (1) Annual Recognition Event.
    Typically late April or early May 
  • Organize and execute one (1) Philanthropic Project 
    Typically in Spring semester by student body

Students are strongly encouraged to gain additional experience in the nonprofit sector through individual/community volunteer work and leadership roles through NLSA.

NLSA is a "safety net" for testing ideas, skills and knowledge in a professional setting while still a student. The Program staff provides advising and direction, while encouraging students to make decisions and give input on program content.

In 2015, we were approached by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Greater Houston to create a collegiate chapter. After accepting the challenge and piloting the organization during 2015-16, students unanimously voted to fold AFP into the NLA Program in the spring of 2016.

Now students are able to tap into a professional network of 700+ professionals in the Greater Houston area, while continuing to receive quality education and experience through the NLA Program.

To learn more about AFP Collegiate Chapters, please click HERE.