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Academic Requirements

The NLA Certification Program is available to ALL students campus wide. Academic Requirements include a total of six (6) courses required for certification. [NOTE: This is comprised of five (5) credit courses and one (1) non-credit course.]

Depending on your major, the courses used to fulfill the requirements may vary. Please see below:

NOTE: Students with majors in CLASS who are seeking to substitute the NLA Certification for their minor requirement must complete a Certification Plan and General Petition form with the NLA Program Director. 

FOUNDATION Courses are required for NLA Certification and Credential. 

Competencies Courses
Historical & Philosophical Foundations SOCW 3397: Selected Topics in Social Work, formerly SOC3318: Intro to Social Work & Social Services
General Nonprofit Management  SOCW3354: Nonprofit Management
Nonprofit Accounting & Financial Management SOCW3330: Nonprofit Financial Management
Fundraising Principles and Practice

(NON-CREDIT COURSE)Fund Development Workshop Series - Spring Only
Eight (8) consecutive Fridays from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM 

‘MENU’ Courses vary based on students’ major and are required for NLA Certification and Credential.

Competencies Courses
Nonprofit Marketing / Public Relations ( choose 1)
COMM3356:   Business and Professional Communication 
MARK3336:   Elements of Marketing
Cultural Competency & Diversity 

( choose 1)
PSYC2350: Child Development  or
PSYC2351: Psychology of Adolescence  or
HDFS2317: Human Dev & Family Studies  or
SOC3371: Sociology of the Family
Other courses available, please see NLA Program staff for current listing.