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Fees & Scholarships of the NLA Program


Minimal fees are required to participate in and complete CNP certification. 

Type of Fee Information Amount Destination
Program (annual) Students pay a program fee, which is assessed each year you are enrolled until you are fully certified. This fee is assessed to your UH fee bill beginning at the time of enrollment and in the Fall semester for each year you continue. $150 LOCAL
Student Association (by semester) NLSA dues are $15 for each the Fall Semester and Spring semesters or $30 each year. This check is made out directly to the NLSA and is used for special NLSA events or community service projects. $30 LOCAL
National Enrollment (one-time) Enrollment allows students to have access to additional scholarships, resources and other services. $25 NATIONAL
Certification The certification fee will be assessed for each student at an affiliated campus, payable when the CNP online profile is submitted for campus review (final stage of certification). $35 NATIONAL*

Fees are subject to change without notice.
*Scholarship is available for the certification fee


**Ed Smith Scholarship Endowment provides scholarships to cover national credential fees for students completing the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance program in the Graduate College of Social Work.

Flanakin Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Scholarships are awarded to a graduating Nonprofit Leadership Alliance student to help with the costs of post graduate transition expenses or graduate school.

Gary Nichols Scholarships for Leadership and Service are awarded to undergraduate students who are participating in the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Program, have extensive community involvement, and a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Margaret O'Donnell Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Scholarship are awarded to undergraduate students who are actively participating in the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance student association and will seek to intern in the current spring or next two semesters.

**Raymond Oeland McCall Awards are awarded to a Nonprofit Leadership Alliance students interning at Spaulding for Children.

Current NLA students can contact the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance office for an application.

Melanie Barr Fitzpatrick, M.S.W., NLA Program Director

Questions? Contact NLA Office at 713-743-8109 or

**Endowed scholarships are available as earnings permit