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Virtual Reality and Heroin Craving

07/15 – 03/20 07/14 - 08/19

National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

University of Houston Drug Abuse Research Development Program II (UHDARDP II) - R24 DA019798

Virtual Reality and Heroin Craving

This study, utilizing an RCT design,  compares virtual reality based cue-exposure therapy (VRCET) to drug relapse prevention education (DRPE) to decrease substance craving and substance use in a sample of male and female heroin using adults (N = 100).  This study also investigates if Medication Assisted Therapies such as methadone and suboxone attenuate craving and physiological reactivity to heroin cues in a subsample of former male and female heroin users. 

Role: PI, Luis Torres, Ph.D., Co-PI, Micki Washburn, Ph.D.