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UH Healthy Start

Coming Soon!

The Grand Opening will be held on Tuesday September 17, 2019 from 4pm–7pm at the Third Ward Multi-Service Center, 3611 Ennis St. Houston 77004. Light refreshments and snacks will be served.


Healthy Start is a national program that helps improves the lives of mothers, infants, and families before, during and beyond pregnancy. Through coordinated care case management, home visits and outreach and education Healthy Start seeks to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates, increase access to prenatal care and remove barriers to service. Houston has high rates of infant and maternal mortality with black mothers being most at risk.

Clients referred to UH Healthy Start will receive in-home case management services and will be navigated through health care and community resources based on eligibility and need.



  • Non-pregnant but of childbearing age, pregnant, postpartum and parenting (child is under 18 months)
  • Lives in one of the following zip codes: 77004,77016, 77021, 77033, 77035, 77047, 77067, 77088, 77091,77093

Or Either:

  • You received no or late prenatal care during current or previous pregnancy
  • You have experienced previous complicated pregnancy or related maternal health complication


Services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. Call us TODAY for more Information: (713) 743-5500 | Or email: hsi@Central.UH.EDU


  • Project Director: McClain Sampson, Ph.D.
  • Faculty Data Point Person: Reiko Boyd, Ph.D.
  • Local Evaluator: Kim Baker, DrPH, UT School of Public Health
  • Program Director: Eulalia Gillum
  • Program Manager & Case Management Supervisor: Yvette Hill
  • Coordinated Case Managers/Home Visitors: Keyonna Tompkins, LaSondra Keys, Morgan Holomon, and Cindy Velez
  • Outreach Specialists: Robyn Kedede and Shawn Devaughn