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Director - Renee Moschitto
  • The opportunity to associate with student employees selected with care and followed up by encouragement and monitoring of their activities.
  • To be able to experience a program that is administrated with enthusiasm and a belief in the program's potential for success. This leads to a continuous innovation and diversification to meet the needs of students who come to SIBS doors.
  • You may let the director know how your experience has been in tutoring sessions, in the computer cluster area or any other aspect of the SIBS program. This will also lead to serving your needs better.
  • Student Peers that have had success in the topic and beyond. They are under the direction of the professor for the subject and attend the class. They must set up a weekly schedule for daily tutoring plus review sessions for major tests.
  • Academic Workshops - Graduate Students in the more difficult Biological Areas such as Biochemistry. Who have office hours, a workshop schedule and Web CT chat room schedule. They also schedule special review sessions.
  • Tutorial Reference Pages - for all the SIBS supported classes
  • Computers in the tutorial room for tutors to use when needed.
  • Computer Cluster - A room with about 20 computers for biology students to go and work on their projects and reports with help from a peer student with computer experience. There is internet access and supplemental instructional software for: Intro Biology, Physiology, Evolution, Ecology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Genetics.
Faculty Career
  • Hosting of UH Bioscience Career Day to provide a common ground for interaction between UH students and faculty, and biotechnology firms and research institutes. This allows for an excellent opportunity for students to explore their research and career options.
  • Career Workshops - A variety of resourceful experiences so that future graduates maybe more knowledgeable and prepared for a successful career.
  • Listing of available scholarships
  • Maintaining lists of sources for the following:
    • Undergraduate Summer Research Programs, etc.
    • Useful Career and Job Opportunities
Part Time Work News and Calendars of Upcoming Events

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