The Pill Club X UHSGA - University of Houston
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The Pill Club X UHSGA

About The Pill Club

The Pill Club is the nation’s leading integrated digital healthcare platform on a mission to empower women and people who menstruate to lead their healthiest lives. Through telemedicine, direct-to-consumer pharmacy, and the broadest insurance coverage in the space, The Pill Club provides a comprehensive digital health platform that expands access to affordable, convenient, and accessible healthcare.

The Pill Club at the University of Houston

University of Houston students can take control of their reproductive health with The Pill Club and sign up for accessible, affordable birth control, emergency contraception and more in 5 minutes! They offer over 120 brands of birth control for free with insurance, and for as low as $7 without. Plus, with each delivery, you’ll receive a care package with self-care extras like chocolates, skincare, and stickers. Whether you’re just beginning your reproductive healthcare journey or already have an active prescription, The Pill Club’s integrated telehealth platform and digital pharmacy can set you up to have your birth control and emergency contraception delivered for free right to your door! Get started today: visit the The Pill Club website.