Emerging Leaders

Founded in 2011, the SGA Emerging Leaders program is geared towards developing future campus and community leaders. As an interactive learning experience, Emerging Leaders acts as an internship program with the Student Government Association dedicated to helping the individual better understand the nature of both SGA and the University. Many participants of the internship graduate to become SGA senators, justices, executive branch members, and leaders of our campus and community. Through a comprehensive curriculum, interns are offered the opportunity to participate in student government meetings, serve in a committee dedicated to Emerging Leaders, make the changes they want to see on campus, enjoy a community of students with similar aspirations, and develop the skills necessary to excel within a professional setting.

Benefits of the Emerging Leaders program:

  • Develop leadership skills, communication skills, and professionalism
  • Network with university administration and personnel
  • Network with SGA representatives and other student leaders
  • Valuable mentorship and guidance as a student leader
  • Become engaged and active within the community and contribute valuable input regarding university policy
  • Gain experience with public speaking, project management, and collaboration
  • Learn valuable and marketable skills

If accepted into the program, the intern must meet the following time commitments:

  • Attend bi-weekly committee meetings
  • Attend bi-weekly SGA Senate Meetings
  • Attend a mandatory Emerging Leaders Retreat
  • Dedicate 4 hours per week to office duties with their respective mentor
  • Other commitments will be contingent upon SGA events, community service projects, and other opportunities

For more information please contact:

Vi Pham
Chief of Staff
(713) 743-4630