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Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT)

CPRIT is a state agency funded through bonds issued by the State of Texas. Under the guidance of its governing body, the Oversight Committee, CPRIT accepts applications and funds awards for cancer research, product development, and prevention. The agency’s grant management guidance and its terms and conditions are published in the CPRIT Policies and Procedures Guide dated June, 2019. Funding from CPRIT is also subject to the Uniform Grant Management Standards (UGMS). UH must comply with CPRIT rules, policies and procedures, and follow all applicable federal and state laws, administrative rules, and regulations for the administration and financial management of all CPRIT awards.

Summary of Standard Terms

Period of Performance Extensions

  • Pre-award costs are not allowed
  • No cost extensions require approval by CPRIT.
    • The request is submitted online and all technical and financial reports must be accepted prior to CPRIT approval
    • Extensions are for six (6) months, however a longer period of time may be requested. The request must be well justified, specifying special circumstances that delayed the project
    • A measurable level of effort is required during the extension period

Personnel Changes

  • All changes in personnel and their level of effort must be reported and approved through a Change in Personnel Level of Effort (PLOE) form in the CPRTI Grants management system
  • CPRIT must be notified at least 30 days prior to any leave of absence for a duration of three (3) months or more.

Restrictions on Allowable Costs

  • Supplies: If 40% of grant funds budgeted in a project year is spent on goods and services outside of the state of Texas, CPRIT must be notified and a justification provided.
  • Salary: The maximum salary amount allowed by CPRIT for an individual at 100% FTE is $200,000.
  • Travel: 
    • Only two (2) conference attendees will be eligible for reimbursement from CPRIT. The exceptions are when prior authorization is given or the attendees are part of a Research Training Award.
    • International travel that is not specifically preapproved by CPRIT is not allowed.
  • Indirect (IDC) is limited to 5% of the total award amount (5.2632% Total Direct Cost TDC). 
  • Gift Cards: if gift cards are used for Human subjects on an award, the Gift Card Certification form at the link provided is required

Other Restrictions

Unallowable Charges

  • Food and beverage; except for educational purposes or in conjunction with allowable travel
  • Advertising and public relations; except advertising to recruit personnel and to promote a CPRIT project
  • Contributions, donations, gifts, honoraria, entertainment, social activities
  • Liability insurance, fines, penalties (e. late fees and cancelation fees)
  • Immigration visa fees, lobbying, bad debt, contingency for unforeseen events
  • Professional association fees or dues; memberships, except for the cost of certain professional memberships when allowed with prior approval from CPRIT
  • Promotional items such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, buttons, pencils, pens, candy, etc.
  • Payments to a subcontractor who is a relative of the PI, PD, Authorized Signing Official (ASO), or any person designated as key personnel on the CPRIT grant
  • Tips or gratuities on meals, transportation or any other expenses even when it may be customary to do so.
  • Texas State sales taxes on goods and services as UH is exempt from paying state sales tax      

Re-Budgeting Authority

  • The CPRIT grant management system automatically approves re-budgeting changes that are less than or equal to 10% of the total budget
  • Changes of more than 10% of the total budget for that specific grant year requires justification and prior approval. Justification must show that the change will:
    • Not alter the scope of work or performance level
    • Fit within the scope of work; benefit project objectives and must be effective use of CPRIT funds
  • Approval of carryforward for 25% or more in unexpended balance between budget periods requires a written justification


Equipment is defined as tangible, nonexpendable property with an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more and a useful life of more than one (1) year.

  • Written approval is needed from CPRIT prior to the purchase of any equipment. Written approval for equipment not included in the grant application requires the online submission and approval of the following:
    • “Change Not Otherwise Specified” form AND
    • “Re-budgeting Change Request” form
  • Title to equipment purchased with grant funds vests with the UH upon termination of the contract.
  • During the life of the award, when property becomes inoperable or is no longer needed, disposition instructions must be obtained from CPRIT via the “Change Not Otherwise Specified” form”.
  • Equipment records must be maintained and recorded in UH inventory system as prescribed by CPRIT. This includes disposition records when equipment becomes obsolete and no longer needed by UH.
  • Equipment must remain within the State of Texas during the term of the contract and safeguarded against loss, damage, or theft. Prior approval is needed for disposition during the period of the award.


  • The state of Texas travel policy applies to CPRIT funded travel. Note that the university travel on local funds policy is not applied to CPRIT funds.
  • All international travel, including any budget deviation of less than 10%, must be approved by CPRIT prior to the trip.  


With the exception of research results to be published in academic or other peer-reviewed journals, CPRIT reserves the right to review all material prior to printing. CPRIT must be acknowledged on all print and visual materials that are funded in whole or in part by CPRIT grants. Examples of print and visual materials include, but are not limited to, publications, brochures, pamphlets, booklets, training fliers, project websites, videos and DVDs, manuals and reports, as well as on the labels and cases for audiovisual or videotape/DVD presentations.

  • CPRIT must be acknowledged on all print and visual materials that are funded in whole or in part by CPRIT grants.
  • PIs are required to submit electronic versions of final peer-reviewed journal manuscripts related to grant awards to PubMed Central upon acceptance of publication. These papers must be accessible to the public on PubMed no later than 12 months after publication.
  • The PubMed ID number along with the publication must be included in the Progress Reports that aligns with the date of publication.


  • Subcontracts must be budgeted and approved by CPRIT
  • Sub-recipients are allowed to charge the CPRIT 5% Indirect Cost.  No IDC is charged by UH for sub-award cost
  • A detail itemized expenditure report is needed for all contractual expenditure
    • Travel requires the name and positon of the traveler, airfare, mileage, hotel, itemized transportation and meal receipts and other related costs

Intellectual Property and Revenue Sharing

  • Prompt disclosure of inventions made in the performance of CPRIT-funded research is required
  • CPRIT-funded grants are subject to an intellectual property agreement that allows the state of Texas to collect royalties, income and other benefits realized as a result of the grant
  • Revenue sharing obligation generally equals 10% of the total revenue received by the Grantee, however it may be reduced by other revenue sharing obligations


The CPRIT required report table lists all reports needed by CPRIT from UH to monitor project progress and compliance.

  • Financial Status Report (FSR) – Requires the supporting Documentation found at this link
    • Quarterly – due 90 days at the end of the state fiscal quarter
    • Final – due 90 days at after the end state quarter that includes the grant termination date
  • Progress Report – See checklist
    • Quarterly (Prevention Grants) - due within 15 days at the end of the state fiscal quarter
    • Annual (All Grants) - due within 60 days after anniversary date of the award
    • Tranche Reports (Development Grants) – upon completion of specific tranche
    • Final – Due within 90 days of the termination date
  • Other Reports (Annual and Final)
    • Matching Funds - Certification and Verification – due initially during execution and verified annually 30 days following due date of last FSR of the grant year
    • Inventory Report- due 60 days after the grant anniversary
      • Final due 90 days after grant contract termination date
    • Revenue Sharing/Program Income Report Form - due 60 days after the grant anniversary
      • Final due 90 days after grant contract termination date
    • HUB Report – due 60 days after the grant anniversary - indicate if purchases meet the 40% threshold
      • Final due 90 days after grant contract termination date
    • Single Audit Determination Form – due 60 days after the University Fiscal year or
      • within 90 days of grant termination for final report
    • Independent Single Audit – A single independent audit and corrective action plan must be submitted annually.
      • Due within 30 days of receipt from the auditor, but no more than 270 days after the grantee’s fiscal year-end. 
      • The university submits one copy of the report via the CPRIT Grants management system portal under organization information.

Required Training

The Authorized Signing Official and a at least one other UH staff member personnel that provides oversite for the awards are required to complete annual compliance training by December 31 of each year.

Desk Reviews and On-site Reviews

CPRIT monitors activities on the award by conducting random Desk and on-site reviews. This allows CPRIT compliance staff to assess the capability, performance, and compliance of the University with applicable laws, rules, and policies

Ongoing contractual obligations

After the termination of an award, UH and the PI still have certain contractual obligations to CPRIT. The list can be found at the link here.