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The Welch Foundation Research Grant

The purpose of the Welch grant program is to support fundamental chemical research at educational institutions within the state of Texas.

Summary of Standard Terms

Period of Performance Extensions

  • Pre-Award spending is not allowed. The Welch budget periods are from June 1st through May 31st of each year. 
  • Grants are usually for a cycle of (3) three years and faculty members are invited to apply. 
  • At the end of a cycle, if the invitation is not renewed, or if a grant is cancelled for any reason, the remaining funds (if any) may be requested via a no-cost extensions.  During the extension, only items previously budgeted for or currently assigned can be charged. The request must be made when the final progress and financial report is submitted. No cost extensions have the following conditions:
    • No new appointment can be made
    • No purchase of permanent equipment 
    • No purchase of expendable items that cannot be consumed within the extension period


  • No funds can be used for Principal and Co-Principal Investigator salaries
  • Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students must have a paid appointment of three or more consecutive months per year
  • Undergraduate students must have a paid appointment of two or more consecutive months each year
  • Fringe benefits will be charged at the rate set by the University policy for all individuals
  • Postdoctoral fellows that have received their PhD within the last five years may be eligible for a paid appointment, however the fellow may only receive three years of funding from Welch
  • If a principal investigator expects to be absent from UH for an appreciable period of time, the Welch Foundation must be informed in advance
  • A principal investigator applying for a research grant must be a full-time regular faculty member with tenure or on tenure tract stature

PI Transfers

If a principal investigator leaves the awarding institution the grant will follow closeout procedures. A new grant proposal may be submitted from another eligible Texas educational institution should that be the location of the PI's transfer.

Unallowable costs

The following items are unallowable on a Welch Grant:

  • General office supplies, general equipment and general expenses
  • Building construction, alterations, renovations, rent or utilities
  • Personnel expenses other than fellowships and scholarships
  • Consultant fees and/or related expenditures
  • Student tuition or fees
  • Membership dues
  • Sub-awards and consultant/professional service agreements
  • Overhead/indirect

Re-budgeting and Budget Restrictions

  • Deviations from the approved budget are allowed
  • Unexpended carry forward of more than $30,000 must have a letter submitted from the grantee institution explaining the circumstances. The PI must prepare and forward the justification to the OCG RA
  • Should salaries for Postdoctoral fellows or graduate students not conform to the three month or two month requirement, the PI will provide a letter of justification. That letter will be submitted with the annual project financial report
  • Expenses in excess of the approved budget category line item cannot be re-aligned, but must be moved to a Department or a PI cost center should the grant be in its final year and there is no new award. The PI may seek a “no-cost extension” per the Period of Performance Extensions


  • Unbudgeted special purpose equipment over $5,000 may be purchased without prior approval
  • Title to property vests conditionally with UH    


  • Total expenditures including registration fees may not exceed $2,500 per grant year
  • Foreign and/or domestic travel must be relevant and specific to the research project



Any publication in scientific media must include an acknowledgement referencing the Welch grant number and stating that the research was funded in part by a grant from The Welch Foundation.


Any patent application filed on an invention made with the assistance of Welch Foundation funding shall include an acknowledgement referencing the Welch grant number and stating that the development of this invention was funded in part by The Welch Foundation. 


Annual reports are submitted through the proposal central website after they are vetted by OCG. A notification will be sent to each PI and their department providing the internal due date for OCG review.  The Welch Foundation maintains July 30th as their annual due date. 

  • Progress Report – must include all publications authored and submitted during the grant year
  • Expenditure Report - report expenditures submitted via proposal CENTRAL website. The reporting period is from 06/01 – 05/31 annually.  All reports reflect a cash accounting basis system
  • Carry Forward (reflected on: Amended Budget Request)  is submitted via proposal CENTRAL website, reduce the amount of carry forward from your current expenditures  and report the anticipated budget categories reflecting the carry forward in the new grant period. An unexpended balance of more than $30,000 must be accompanied by a letter from the grantee institution explaining the circumstances. The justification will be provided by the PI and sent to the OCG RA. 


Unused grant funds must be returned to the Foundation.