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NASA has implemented the Research Terms and Conditions for all federal assistance awards (new grant and cooperative agreement awards) subject to 2 CFR Part 1800. 

Summary of Standard Terms

Period of Performance Extensions

  • Pre-Award Cost - May incur costs 90 days prior to the award date without prior approval.
  • No-Cost Extension - A one-time no cost, not to exceed 12 months may be granted by the recipient institution, however notification of the extension must be submitted to the NASA Grants Officer no later than 10 days prior to expiration through the NSSC website. PI shall notify the research administrator (RA) assigned to the award and provide a justification for the request. 
    • Additional extensions require a formal request to the NASA Grant Officer and must be approved in writing.
    • Cognizant ONR administrator shall be copied on correspondence. The request can be submitted directly

Personnel Changes

  • Replacement of the Principal Investigator (PI) requires formal notification to the NASA Grants Officer. NASA approval is required.   
  • A 3 month absence or 25% reduction in time devoted to the project by the PI requires prior NASA approval. Significant reduction in effort may be deemed as a change in the scope of work. 
  • A change in key personnel that affects the scope of work requires NASA approval.

Restrictions on Allowable Costs

  • NASA awards are subject to OMB Uniform Guidance (UG), except as modified by the sponsor-specific and award-specific terms.  Implementation effective December 26, 2014. 
  • Buy American encouraged    
  • Sponsor restricts using NASA funds to enter into any agreement of any kind that participates, collaborates, procures, or coordinates bilaterally with China or any Chinese owned company, at the prime recipient level and at all sub-recipient levels, whether the bilateral involvement is funded or performed under a no-exchange of funds arrangement.
    • Definition: a China or Chinese-owned company means any company owned by the People’s Republic of China, or any company incorporated under the laws of the People’s Republic of China.
    • Restrictions do not apply to commercial items of supply needed to perform a contract, grant or cooperation agreement.
    • UH Division of Research (DOR) requires the PI to sign a certification stating that the PI has read and understood the China Restriction.       

Re-budgeting Authority

  • Re-budgeting between approved cost categories that does not indicate a change in the scope of work is allowed without prior NASA approval.
  • Carry-forward between the years is allowed without prior NASA approval.


  • Unbudgeted special purpose and general purpose equipment over $5,000 may be purchased without prior NASA approval, however the PI must contact the RA assigned to the award.
    • A brief justification with a statement confirming the purchase does not change the scope of work must be sent to the RA.
    • RA must check PeopleSoft-grants to verify the correct budget nodes have been entered and indirect will calculate correctly.
    • Equipment is generally considered exempt (non-reportable) by NASA. Award terms and conditions may override standard terms and conditions.   
  • Unbudgeted special purpose and general purpose equipment costing less than $5,000 and used specifically to enhance research efforts may be purchased without prior NASA approval.
    • PI must contact their RA and provide a brief justification for audit purposes.
    • Equipment is generally considered exempt (non-reportable) by NASA. Award terms and conditions may override standard terms and conditions.  
  • Title to property generally vests with UH.


  • US Carriers required per the Fly America Act; exceptions may be made for certain airlines and routes under “Open Skies” agreements
  • Foreign and conference travel must be itemized and justified in the latest approved budget.


Prior approval is required for unbudgeted subcontracting.  The subcontracting of a portion of the work may alter the scope of work from what was proposed and subsequently awarded.   Contact your RA for details and work-up. 



  • Required in all publications "This material is based upon work supported by NASA, under Award Number(s) [Enter the award number(s)]."
  • Any release of a NASA photograph or illustration should list NASA first on the credit line followed by the name of the PI’s Institution.

Disclaimer:  required in all publications: “Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.” 

Copies to Sponsor: 

  • The original report in hard copy and in an electronic format go to the Technical Officer
  • One copy to the New Technology Officer
  • One copy to the Grants Officer
  • Distribution with addresses are detailed on the NASA report checklist attached to the award
  • NASA has partnered with HHS to allow NASA funded authors to deposit copies of their peer reviewed articles from scientific journal publications and associated data into the PubMed Central (PMC) publications repository. Beginning October, 2016 principal investigators should contact  for instructions on depositing the manuscripts into PubMed Central.       


  • Technical reports: must be completed by PI and must be submitted electronically as PDF files. The PI (and the AOR) will receive a reminder email from the NSSC before the progress report is due. In case the reminder email is deleted or filtered, the progress report should be sent to the following NSSC address:
    • Annual:
      • Technical reports are due 60 days before the anniversary date of the award. All reports must be in English and informal.  The report should not exceed 3 pages excluding bibliographies, abstracts and other media.
    • Final: 
      • Summary of Research (Final Technical Report)- Required for all Grants and Cooperative Agreements  including  Training and Education Grants) - Within 90 days after expiration date of the grant/cooperative.
      • A Faculty Advisor Survey, An Administrative Report and a Student Evaluation Form is required for all training grants;
  • Non-Financial Reports are completed by DOR Research Financial Services (RFS)
    • Annual:
      • NASA Property in the Custody of Contractors NASA Form 1018 and NASA Form 1018 Supplemental Data Depreciation and (FSC Table)- This report should include all government-furnished and contractor-acquired property to which NASA has title as of Sep 30 each year. Negative reports ARE required. Due on Oct 15th. (NASA contracts)
      • Grant Inventory List of NASA-Owned Property - Format from NPG 5800.1D Section 1260.134(f)(1) of the NASA Grant and Cooperative Agreement Handbook Negative reports are NOT required – Due Oct 15th. (NASA Grants)
    • Final:
      • NASA Property in the Custody of Contractors NASA Form 1018 and NASA Form 1018 Supplemental Data Depreciation and (FSC Table). Due 60 days after end date of grant. (NASA contracts)
      • A Final Grant Inventory List of NASA-Owned Property- Due 60 days after the grant end date. Negative reports are required.


  • Financial report: Reports are completed by DOR Research Financial Services (RFS)
    • Quarterly
      • The quarterly Federal Financial Report (FFR) (SF-425 via the Payment Management System is due within 30 days after the end of each calendar quarter- The report is completed by UH Research Accounting Department in concert with the Letter of Credit Drawdowns done every two weeks or so 
    • Annual:
      • No annual financial report required
    • Final:
      • A Final Federal Financial Report (SF 425) is due within 90 days of the grant or cooperative agreement performance period end dates
    • Close out