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Office of Naval Research

Note:  Awards are subject to the DoD Research General Terms and Conditions, September, 2017.       

ONR awards are subject to  OMB Uniform Guidance   2 CFR 200, dated December 26, 2014, (UG).  The DoD T&C implement 2 CFR part 200 as modified and supplemented by DoD’s interim implementation found in 2 CFR part 1103.  Provisions of Chapter 1, Subchapter C of Title 32, CFR, “DoD Grant and Agreement Regulations” other than parts 32 and 33 continue to be in effect. 

Summary of Standard Terms

Period of Performance Extensions

  • May incur pre-award costs up to 90 days prior to the award date without prior ONR approval
  • All no cost extensions require prior ONR sponsor. Initiation of a no cost extension is submitted through the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) by the Research Administrator (RA).  
  • submit 30 days prior to the award end date
  • submit to the Administrative Grant Officer (AGO) only if first one-time request, does not extend more than 90 days and remaining funds do not exceed $50,000. Any request outside these parameters: the ONR Technical Representative must be notified.
  • PI request must provide the following information
  • revised end date (not to exceed the next 12 month period)
  • estimate of award balance with brief budget justification
  • describe remaining scope of work
  • reason the extension is needed

Personnel Changes

  • Change of any key person named in the award requires prior ONR approval
  • Disengagement of the PI for 3 months requires ONR prior approval
  • A 25% reduction in effort by the PI requires prior ONR approval

Restrictions on Allowable Costs

  • Faculty salary in excess of institutional base salary requires prior ONR approval
  • Postage, sundry office items, cost of memberships, subscriptions or other professional activities require a project specific justification sent to the OCG RA for approval and retained for audit
  • ONR funds may not be used to pay for food or beverages
  • Comply with Cargo Preference Act of 1954. At least 50% of equipment, materials and commodities procured under this grant that may be transported by ocean vessel, shall be transported on privately owned U.S. flag commercial vessels, if available. 

Cost Sharing

Deviation from the approved cost sharing budget requires prior ONR approval

Re-Budgeting Authority

  • Revised budgets, when required by ONR, must be submitted on SF 424
  • Participant support (in/out of budget line item) requires ONR approval
  • Carry-forward between the years is allowed without prior ONR approval


Web based invoicing system – initial point of contact “PayWeb’ – WAWF (Wide Area Work Flow). Method of payment is cost reimbursable and is prepared by OCG/RFS (Research Financial Services) on an electronic SF 270 and submitted through iRAPT (invoice, receipt, acceptance and property transfer).   


  • Capital equipment must be an approved budget line item. Prior written approval for unbudgeted special purpose equipment costing $25,000 (unit cost) or less is waived.   PI should contact OCG and provide details to ensure OCG RA has the appropriate PeopleSoft budget nodes and account codes set up.  This is very important so vouchers will process and indirect will calculate correctly.  
  • Unbudgeted special purpose equipment costing greater than $25,000 (unit cost) must have ONR approval. A formal request to ONR will be sent by the OCG RA.  PI must provide:    
  • a justification for the equipment purchase/fabrication   
  • a revised budget detail on DOD forms is required
  • an updated scope of work discussing the significance of the equipment with a statement confirming the overall project objectives remain unchanged
  • Title to property vests to UH, however the award may specifically address disposition of federally owned property.        


  • Use of US Carriers required per the Fly America Act
  • Department of Defense does not allow exceptions made for certain airlines and routes under “Open Skies” agreements
  • Foreign and conference travel must be itemized and justified in the approved budget

Program Income

  • DoD utilizes the additive method to further project objectives, however program income may be used for cost sharing
  • All efforts should be made to avoid having unexpended program income at the end of the grant    



  • Recipients must include an acknowledgement of the Government’s support when publishing material based on or developed under the award. (This includes news releases, articles, manuscripts, brochures, advertisements, still and motion pictures, speeches, trade association’s proceedings and symposia.)   
  • “This material is based upon work supported by the Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research under award number xxxxxx-xx-x-xxxx”.
  • All materials (including World Wide Web pages) based on or developed under this award, except scientific articles or papers appearing in scientific, technical or professional journals, should contain a disclaimer. (This includes news releases, articles, manuscripts, brochures, advertisements, still and motion pictures, speeches, trade association’s proceedings and symposia.)  
  • “Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of Naval Research.”

Classified Information 

  • Report potentially classifiable information to the Technical Representative listed in block 21 of the ONR Award Form (10/99). 

Copies to Sponsor 

  • PI shall provide a copy to the ONR Technical Representative (TR) and to the Administrative Office as designated on the ONR Award Form (10/99). 


  • Prior approval required for all unbudgeted subcontracting
  • Fly America requirements must be included in all subcontracts

Reporting - Identified In Each Award Document

  • Technical reporting must be completed by PI and should be submitted as follows:
    • Annual reporting is specified on the ONR Award Form (10/99)  
    • Final report covering the entire project is specified in Section C of the award
    • All technical reports must include SF 298 as a cover page with the following typed in block 12A “Approved for Public Release; Distribution is Unlimited”.   
    • Annual and final technical reports are submitted to the Technical Representative and the Administrative Office – see ONR Award Form (10/99).
  • Financial reports are submitted by OCG Research Financial Services (RFS)
  • Awards under the cost reimbursement payment method are not required to submit quarterly financial reports
  • Final financial report is due date as specified in Section C of the award – use SF 425
  • All financial reports are sent as designated on the ONR Award Form (10/99)
  • Invention/Patent report is submitted by OCG RFS as specified in Section C of the award listing every subject invention made under the award. A negative report as required - use SF DD882
  • Property reports are submitted by OCG RFS as required by each ONR award