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Effort Reporting Process

Effort reporting is required on all federal and federal flow-through awards and awards with cost-shared effort. An email from OCG notifying the Department Business Manager (DBA) that the effort reporting records are ready will be sent out at the end of each quarter.

90 days out

The Department Business Manager must complete the following process within 90 days of the end of each quarter:

  • Enter the direct effort that was charged, per payroll, by individual into RD2K.
  • Print the Effort Reports from RD2K.
  • Distribute Effort Reports to faculty and staff for certification.
  • Review the percentage entered when the signed reports are returned.
  • Processes any payroll reallocations resulting from difference in the effort reported and payroll reports.
  • Upload the Effort Reports to RD2K when certification and review is completed.

After Upload

When the Effort Reports are uploaded, the Office of Contracts and Grant (OCG) will take the following steps:

  • Reviews Effort Report forms and identify any necessary follow-up.
  • Track the receipt of Effort Report forms to ensure 100 percent completion.
  • Contacts DBA and faculty to follow-up with Effort Report forms that are not returned in a timely manner.
  • Forward Effort Report forms with payroll discrepancies to the appropriate DBA for follow-up (payroll relocation), if needed.

If Effort Reports are not completed and returned by the following period, OCG will inform the VC/VP for Research and Technology Transfer.

Refer to the Related Links under the menu for step-by-step guides on completing Effort Reporting tasks in RD2K and PeopleSoft.