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Scholarly Books History (CLASS)

Energy Capitals: Local Impact, Global Influence

University of Pittsburgh Press, 2014

Joseph A. Pratt and Martin V. Melosi




The Anatomy of Revolution Revisited:
A Comparative Analysis of England, France, and Russia

Cambridge University Press, 2014

Bailey Stone

The Making of DSM-III: A Diagnostic
Manual's Conquest of American Psychiatry

Oxford University Press, 2013

Hanna S. Decker




Black Revolutionary: William Paterson
and the Globalization of the
African-American Freedom Struggle

University of Illinois Press, 2013

Gerald Horne

A Problem of Great Importance: Population, Race
and Power in the British Empire 1918-1973

University of California Press, 2013

Karl Ittmann




Atomic Age America

Pearson, 2013

Martin Melosi

Workers Go Shopping in Argentina: The Rise
of Popular Consumer Culture

University of New Mexico Press, 2013

Natalia Milanesio




Exxon: Transforming Energy, 1973-2005

University of Texas Press, 2013

Joseph A. Pratt

Chicana/o Struggles for Education:
Activism in the Community

Texas A&M University Press, 2013

Guadalupe San Miguel, Jr.

The Business of Private Medical Practice: Doctors,Specialization, and Urban Change in Philadelphia, 1900-1940

Rutgers University Press, 2013

James A. Schafer

Why We Fight: Congress and the
Politics of World War II

University Press of Kansas, 2013

Nancy Beck Young



Archbishop Anselm 1093-1109: Bec Missionary, Canterbury Primate, and Pope of Another World

Ashgate Publishing Company, 2012

Sally N. Vaughn

Precious Commodity: Providing
Water for America's Cities

University of Pittsburgn Press, 2011

Martin Melosi

Smeltertown: Making and Remembering a
Southwest Border Community

University of North Carolnia Press, 2010

Monica Perales

The Silver of the Sierra Madre: John Robinson,
Boss Shepherd, and the People of the Canyons

University of Arizona Press, 2008

John Mason Hart

Teachers' Schools in China's Modernization: the
Nation-State and the Social Transformation, 1897-1937

University of British Columbia Press, 2007

Xiaoping Cong

Energy Metropolis: An Environmental History
of Houston and the Gulf Coast

University of Pittsburgn Press, 2007

Martin Melosi

Garbage in the Cities: Refuse,
Reform and the Environment

University of Pittsburg Press, 2005

Martin Melosi

Empire and Revolution: The Americans
in Mexico since the Civil War

University of California Press, 2002

John Mason Hart

Effluent America: Cities, Industry,
Energy, and the Environment

University of Pittsburg Press, 2001

Martin Melosi

Sanitary City: Urban Infrastructure in America
from Colonial Times to the Present

John Hopkins University Press, 2000

Martin Melosi

Anarchism and the Mexican
Working Class, 1860-1931

University of Texas Press, 1978

John Mason Hart