BTI Research Opportunity - Application Deadline for RFP 19-01 Submission Date Extended to May 10

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The Borders, Trade, and Immigration Institute, a Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence led by the University of Houston, announces a competitive research opportunity related to the Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America.

 This effort invites qualified researchers to propose projects that will provide DHS stakeholders with innovative research that addresses one or more of the following questions:

1)    How can Northern Triangle countries leverage e-commerce to promote local economic development and employment creation?

2)    What are the primary obstacles to economic development and employment creation in the Northern triangle?

3)    What concrete steps can United States Government (USG) take to promote productive private-sector investment and employment creation in the Northern Triangle?

4)    What concrete steps can USG take to ensure that private-sector investment in the Northern Triangle creates employment opportunities that represent attractive alternatives to emigration?

5)   What concrete steps can USG and private sector take to support development of internal best practices or productive policies within the Northern Triangle?

6)   Where and how has private sector investment been successful at creating employment opportunities in the developing world?

7)   How do current immigration policies in the Northern Triangle and surrounding region influence lawful and illegal migration flows? What improvements could be made to regional immigration policies to better manage regional migration flows? (Same question for labor flows and for humanitarian flows.)

8)   What analysis can be performed on missing infrastructure that impedes productive investment and employment creation in the Northern Triangle?


Information concerning the RFP can be found here:

 or downloaded here: Instructions


A direct link to begin the application process is here:

 Any questions should be directed to

 The BTI Institute intends to fund 5 projects for $175,000 each for a duration of 12 months.

 The Submission is now open and will close on 10 MAY 2019 at 5 PM CST