COVID-19 Information and Resources

We continue to monitor the local and global health situation around the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease. Harris County issued a Stay Home. Work Safe. Order through April 29, 2020. While the buildings are closed, all administrative offices are open and staff are working from home. Please check the Stay Home. Work Safe. page for details.

During the Stay Home. Work Safe. order, no routine lab work is to be done after March 24, 2020, until further notice (11:59 PM Apr 29, 2020, or later, if the order is extended). Only approved faculty/students/staff are permitted to come to campus and only for the essential purposes outlined on the Stay Home. Work Safe. page. Students, faculty, and staff in your labs are to stay home unless they are authorized to carry out an essential role. Consider other research activities that they can conduct remotely (e.g., data analysis, writing, reading, …) until this order is lifted.

We understand you are concerned about possible disruptive impacts on research progress and compliance with grant requirements. We want to share current guidance and assure you of our support as the situation develops. We continue to monitor federal agencies and note that there are changes emerging every day. We send a biweekly letter to the research faculty (see the Additional Resources page for past letters) and provide weekly updates in our Inside Research newsletter. This website will be reviewed daily by DOR staff and updated as new information becomes available.

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