PI Portal's New Online Tracking System

The Division of Research is launching a new faculty-centric administrative tool to the PI Portal – an online tracking system for tasks submitted to the division.

As the DOR continues to improve services to the faculty, this web-based tracking system will provide transparency by showing the workflow steps, time taken and target response time when a request is made for one of the services offered by the Office of Contracts and Grants (Pre-Award and Post-Award). The system will be available starting on Thursday, October 31.

Faculty and their department administrators will be able to review the number of steps involved in a task, our target time to completion, submit requests for assistance and track progress to completion online. The system will display a list of new and pending requests and separately maintain a list of completed requests. The goal is to save time, maximize efficiencies, and achieve completeness and compliance when executing a request made by, or on behalf of, a faculty member.

Some of the new features that will allow faster response time on requests are: 

  • Submission: Researchers and their support staff can submit an online request for assistance using the PeopleSoft Inbox. The Inbox is located in the PI Portal that is found within AccessUH.
  • OCG Administrator Assignment: Requests related to existing proposals, awards and projects are assigned to the appropriate OCG Research Administrator.
  • Permission Levels: Department and Research Administrators are empowered to create, submit and view requests and tasks/functions on behalf of researchers.
  • Service Level Expectations: The steps to completing the request and the request due dates are furnished to provide an expected completion time. This feature will allow you to determine if a request is on schedule or at risk of not being completed on time.
  • Automatic Alerts and Notifications: The system will send a notification after the completion of each step of a request. You may choose to opt-out of notification emails, but you will always receive the initial and final notifications indicating the submission and conclusion of a request for assistance.
  • Tracking Progress: A record of requests for assistance and the time to complete each request will be maintained during the process to increase transparency, provide consistency, and identify opportunities for process improvements.