McAllister and Quinn Opportunities

As part of President Khator’s 50-in-5 initiative, the University of Houston has engaged with McAllister and Quinn, a DC-based firm specialized in large grants consulting, to identify funding opportunities, assist with major proposal development, and provide tailored training in complex proposal preparation over the next two years.

To date, three UH colleges have signed on with the firm on a number of pre-paid projects, which are logistically and financially supported by the colleges and the Division of Research. Faculty from the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, College of Engineering, and College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences who wish to engage with any of the services that McAllister and Quinn offers should first seek approval from their dean, who will then contact Claudia Neuhauser to finalize the agreement.

If a faculty member is in a college outside of the three participating colleges or if a participating college has exceeded the pre-paid allocation, DOR will obtain a cost estimate from McAllister and Quinn upon approval of the dean of the faculty’s college. DOR will then contribute two-thirds of the cost and the college one-third, subject to the availability of funds in DOR.

There will be opportunities for all faculty to participate in concept papers, calls for proposals and other initiatives outside these pre-allocated projects.