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Ensuring Animal Welfare

Animal Care Operations aims to enhance animal welfare and animal well-being as we promote and support breakthroughs in biomedical research at UH. ACO provides professional veterinary medical, husbandry, and proposal review services.


ACO offers comprehensive services for all researchers’ animal care needs. From purchasing and importing animals to seamless transfers and export, ACO ensures smooth and ethical processes for laboratory animals.
  • Purchase

    Animal order process for approved vendors and nontraditional vendors
  • Import

    Access the ACO import form and timeline for delivery.
  • Transfer

    Transfer animals from another investigator.
  • Export

    Export animals seamlessly to another institution.
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Access to facilities is streamlined for convenience. Our Facility Access Checklist ensures compliance, and required training programs guarantee proficiency. All personnel requesting facility access must be added to an approved IACUC protocol and complete required trainings.


  • emergency

    Occupational Health

    Mandatory training for all animal research personnel.
  • safety

    Primate Safety

    Required for researchers working with nonhuman primates.
  • writing

    Research Methods

    Specialized assistance in various techniques for evolving research needs.
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About ACO

ACO is accredited through AAALAC International and is a member of the Vivarium Operational Excellence Network (VOEN) and the Texas Branch American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (TBAALAS).

David W. Brammer, D.V.M.; DACLAM
Executive Director | Chief Veterinarian
Animal Care Operations