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Cyber-Physical System for the Hospital Operating Room (CYBHOR)

The Cyber-Physical System for the Hospital Operating Room (CyBHOR) offers potential members a vibrant, interdisciplinary team of computational scientists and faculty members in surgery who will work in synergy with the health industry to improve patient care through the advancement of next generation, high-tech medical practices for surgery.

The center's vision is to be the leading research center in the emerging and multi-disciplinary field of Modern Surgery enabled by computational science and technologies.

The mission of the center is to:

  • Provide a proven collaborative framework for industry, hospital and university to engage in cooperative research of interest and value to our members;
  • Advance, develop, and promote research into the principles and technology of computational surgery science, including the application of:
    • Mathematics and algorithm design;
    • Imaging, robotics, informatics, and simulation technologies;
    • Biological and physical principles.
  • Increase the quantity and quality of the professionals prepared to work in the field;
  • Bring together a multi-disciplinary team of faculty from the University of Houston, the University of Florida, in close collaboration with the Houston Methodist Institute of Technology, Innovation and Education, and affiliated institutions.