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Complex Systems/Space Exploration


To concentrate on complex systems, such as human development disabilities; complex networks, such as information systems and artificial intelligence; and space exploration.

The faculty members in this cluster face several equally challenging tasks. They are unlocking the mysteries of universe. They are developing new technologies to protect the United States’ infrastructure and assets. They are harnessing the power of supercomputing to improve business, communications and health care. They are finding therapies and solutions for learning disabilities and other disorders.

Programs and Centers

The programs and centers within the Complex Systems/Space Exploration research cluster produce research, service and scholarly activities focused on various types of complex systems and networks and on space exploration. The cluster’s studies of cognitive systems include, but are not limited to, reading acquisition and development disabilities. Studies of complex networks, for instance, incorporate information systems, artificial intelligence, parallel computing, high-performance computing, computer architecture, sensor networks and neuron scattering. Activities in space exploration include, for instance, advanced materials for use in space applications, systems operations and architecture.