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Bio-Med Sciences and Engineering


To conduct research, service and scholarly activities related to human health. Representative efforts are in the fields of visual system development and treatment of eye diseases; chronic and infectious diseases; cancer; neurocognitive networks, development and injury; bio-imaging, -materials, -molecular design and simulation; and genetics.

The faculty members in this cluster are dedicated to the discovery of the causes and of the cures for diseases and disorders. Armed with new technologies and unique vision, they are experts in a range of fields seeking to better understand the body and brain. They draw on the strengths of their colleagues at UH and their peers in the Texas Medical Center to find solutions to the world’s greatest health and cognitive science challenges.

Programs and Centers

The programs and centers in the Bio-Med Sciences and Engineering cluster are tasked with improving human health through a wide range of fields, most involved in some way with biomolecular science and engineering. For example, bio-imaging, bio-materials, bio-molecular design and its simulation can all be linked with the biomolecular vein, as can chronic and infectious diseases and cancer research. Neurocognitive networks, genetics, visual system development and treatment of eye diseases are also included in the cluster.