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Arts and Human Enrichment


To engage in research and scholarly activities to provide an understanding of different cultures and histories of the world and enhance human enrichment through the arts, media and literature.

The faculty members in this cluster are the keepers and creators of culture. They are storytellers and scholars. They are writers and artists. They are historians and communicators. They are performers and advocates. Individually and collectively, they foster a better understanding of and rejoice in the diversity of the world’s peoples and ideas through images, words and advocacy.

Programs and Centers

The programs and centers within the Arts & Human Enrichment cluster provide creative outlets through which individual merit can be sought and realized. The cluster includes the nation’s largest publisher of contemporary literature by U.S. Hispanic authors, Arte Publico Press. With its School of Theatre and the renowned Blaffer Gallery, the arts arm of the cluster embraces experimentation of expression and promotes a spirit of discovery in the field of visual art.

The culture focus delves in the various forms of social and psychological interaction while promoting critical thinking about global issues and problems. UH boasts its own public broadcast television station, KUHT-TV, and radio station, KUHF-Radio, as well as other extensive departments promoting the understanding and interaction between societies and cultures.