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Nutrition Consultation

Our Nutrition program provides the UH campus with nutrition information covering a variety of topics. Our goal is to assist students, faculty, and staff with their personal nutrition as well as provide education to the campus community.

Single consultation - $25
Single and follow up consultation - $40

You have access to the following services:

  • One-on-one nutrition counseling
  • Food allergy counseling

To set up a consultation or receive further info, complete a Nutrition Consultation Request


What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?
Nutritionists can be anyone who is self-proclaimed to be a nutrition expert. Dietitians, however, must pass a nationally accredited exam and be licensed to practice dietetics in their state. They typically have a graduate degree and must complete a challenging internship for 1000-2000 hours. Make sure if you are receiving nutrition counseling, it is from someone who is qualified to give you that information.

Why should I schedule a consultation with a dietitian?
Here are a few examples of topics we can cover based on your wellness goals: choosing balanced snacks, meal prep, protein intake, post-workout meals and snacks, hydration, supplements, discussing fad diets, food allergens, general nutrition education.

How many calories or how much protein should I eat in a day?
This depends on your activity level, type of physical activity, age, and a variety of other factors! A registered dietitian can take these factors into account and calculate your recommended protein and caloric intake.

What can I eat to lose weight?
There are no magic foods or supplements that will cause weight loss. The diet industry is worth $66 billion and makes empty promises that a fad diet will instantly make you lose 10 pounds. A healthy relationship with food and exercise may lead to weight loss, but the goal of a nutrition consultation is to achieve that healthy relationship with food and exercise.

What is the best diet for me?
Although there are plenty of diets out there (ketogenic diet, low fat diets, intermittent fasting), there is no one diet that will work for everyone. Scheduling a nutrition consultation will help your dietitian determine your needs and come up with an individualized way to optimize your nutrition.