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Work Sector: Youth in Development

Empower the next generation of change makers. Volunteers work with youth in communities on projects that promote engagement and active citizenship, including gender awareness, employability, health and HIV/AIDS education, environmental awareness, sporting programs, and info technology.

If you choose Youth in Development, take three courses from any of the following areas:

  • Health Education: Any courses. Recommended courses include:
    • HLT 3303- Health of the Elementary School Child
    • HLT 3304- Adolescent Health Issues
  • Human Development and Family Studies: Any courses. Recommended courses include:
    • HDFS 2317- Introduction to Human Development and Interventions
    • HDFS 3300 – Introduction to Education Psychology
    • HDFS 4315- Culture and Diversity in Human Development
    • HDFS 4317- Theory & Practice in Programs for Young Children I
    • HDFS 4320- Evaluating Educational Programs for Young Children
  • Kinesiology: Any courses. Recommended courses include:
    • KIN 1352-Foundations of Kinesiology, Health, and Fitness
    • KIN 3305- Sociological and Cultural Aspects of Sport
    • KIN 3301- Design and Evaluation of Physical Activity Programs
  • Psychology: Any courses. Recommended courses include:
    • PSYC 1300- Introduction to Psychology
    • PSYC 2344- Cultural Psychology
    • PSYC 2351- Psychology of Adolescence
  • Sociology: Any courses. Recommended courses include:
    • SOC 1300- Intro to Sociology
    • SOC 3390- Sociology of Gender
    • SOC 3328- Race and Ethnicity in World Perspective
  • Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies: Any courses. Recommended courses include:
    • WGSS 2350- Introduction to Women’s Studies
    • WGSS 2360- Introduction to GLBT Studies
    • WGSS 3321- Gender in Transnational Perspective
    • WGSS 3322- Intersectionalities of Race, Class, Age, Disability & Gender
    • WGSS 3396- Selected Topics GLBT Studies

And build 50 hours of related field experience through an activity such as: