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Work Sector: Environment

Help forge a global movement to protect our planet. Volunteers lead grassroots efforts in their communities to protect the environment and strengthen understanding of environmental issues. They teach environmental awareness in elementary and secondary schools and to youth groups and community organizations, empowering communities to make their own decisions about how to protect and conserve the local environment. Volunteers also address environmental degradation by promoting sustainable use of natural resources.

If you choose Environment, take three courses from any of the following areas:

  • Architecture: Any courses from the list below:
    • ARCH 3367- Sustainable Architecture
    • ARCH 3368- Sustainable Development
    • ARCH 3397- Green Building
    • ARCH 3397- Landscape/ Ecology / Urbanization
    • ARCH 3397- Sustainability Workshop
    • ARCH 4373- Urban Environments
  • Biology: Any courses. Recommended courses include:
    • BIOL 1361- Introduction to Biological Science
    • BIOL 1362- Introduction to Biological Science
    • BIOL 2315- Biology of Food
    • BIOL 3305- Biodiversity
    • BIOL 3359- Environmental Biology of Texas
    • BIOL 3368- Ecology
  • Energy & Sustainability: Any courses. Recommended courses include:
    • ENRG 3310- Introduction to Energy and Sustainability
    • ENRG 4320- Case Studies in Energy and Sustainability
    • ENRG 4397- Selected Topics in Energy and Sustainability
    • ENRG 4398- Independent Study in Energy and Sustainability
  • Geology: Any courses. Recommended courses include:
    • GEOL 1302- Introduction to Global Climate Change
    • GEOL 1340- Earth Systems
    • GEOL 3331- Environmental Geology
    • GEOL 3333- Earth Resources
    • GEOL 3338 – Environmental Hydrogeology
    • GEOL 3342- Introduction to Air Pollution
    • GEOL 4334- Environmental Data Analysis
    • GEOL 4339- Biogeochemistry
    • GEOL 4365- Environmental Geochemistry
  • Any three sustainability related courses listed on the UH Office of Sustainability webpage or any three electives as part of the Honors Energy & Sustainability minor.

And build 50 hours of related field experience through an activity such as: