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Work Sector: Education

Teach lessons that last a lifetime. Education is the Peace Corp’s largest program area. Volunteers play an important role in creating links among schools, parents, and communities by working in elementary, secondary, and postsecondary schools as math, science, conversational English, and resource teachers or as early grade reading and literacy teacher trainers. Volunteers also develop libraries and technology resource centers.

If you choose Education, take three courses from any of the following areas

  • Anthropology:
    • ANTH 2304- Introduction to Language and Culture
  • Curriculum and Instruction (Teaching and Learning majors)
    • ‘Teaching and Learning’ majors will meet all Education sector requirements as the certificates include more than three required Education related courses and also includes classroom field experience. Any courses in the following areas are accepted but note that these courses are open to majors/minors only: Curriculum and Instruction (CUIN), Education (EDUC), Elementary Education (ELED), and Secondary Education (SEDE). Recommended courses include:
    • CUIN 4303- Second Language Acquisition
    • CUIN 4361- Second Language Methodology
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders: Any of the courses below:
    • COMD 2338- Phonetics
    • COMD 2339- Language Development
  • Educational Psychology: Any courses. Recommended courses include:
    • EPSY 3300- Intro to Educational Psychology
    • EPSY 3360- Individuals with Disabilities
    • EPSY 3360- Special Populations
  • Engineering:
    • If you would like to teach STEM, you may take any Engineering courses to fulfill the requirement.
  • English: Any English courses numbered 3000 or above. Recommended courses include:
    • ENGL 3396- Special Topics- Language Socialization
    • ENGL 4300: Intro to Linguistics / Study of Language
    • ENGL 4303- Teaching ESL
    • ENGL 4304- Varieties of English
    • ENGL 4311- Language Socialization
    • ENGL 4315- Sociolinguistics
    • ENGL 4322- Grammar and Usage
    • ENGL 4391- Senior Seminar: Advanced Community Engagement
  • Human Development and Family Studies: Any courses. Recommended courses include:
    • HDFS 1300- Development of Contemporary Families
    • HDFS 1311- Personal Development and College Success
    • HDFS 2317- Intro to Human Development and Interventions
    • HDFS 3300- Educational Psychology
  • Philosophy: Any of the courses below:
    • PHIL 3332- Philosophy of Language
    • PHIL 3395- Selected Topics- Philosophy of Cognitive Science
  • Psychology: Any of the courses below:
    • PSYC 1300- Intro to Psychology
    • PSYC 2350- Child Development
    • PSYC 4397- Selected Topics- The Bilingual Brain
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM):
    • If you would like to teach in STEM, you may take courses from any of these areas: Biology and Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics.
  • Sociology:
    • SOC 3365- Sociology of Education
  • World Cultures and Literatures:
    • WCL 1101- Intro to the Study of Languages

And build 50 hours of related field experience through an activity such as: