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Undergraduate Committee Workflow

Proposals for academic program creation or revision that have been recommended for approval by the UC will be submitted to the Office of the Provost for either acknowledgement of receipt by the Provost (Item #1 below) or for review and approval (Item #2 below) by the Provost.

More specifically, academic program proposals will be submitted from the UC to the Office of the Provost in memo format using the following guidelines:

  • Separate memos from the UC Chair to the Provost will be submitted for the two items listed below:
    • Item #1 - For acknowledgement by the Provost that academic program proposals have been reviewed and thoroughly vetted by the UC  (memo subject line should read “RE: Proposals for Acknowledgment”)
      • Courses (new, existing, deleting)
      • Minors (new and revised)
      • Degree Programs (minor modification proposals)
    • Item #2 - For review and approval by the Provost (memo subject line should read “RE: Proposals for Review and Approval”)
      • Degree Offerings (new degree program proposals)
      • Dual/Combined Degree Program proposals
      • Department Units (creation of or changes to academic administrative units)
      • Programs (name changes to administrative sub-units)
      • Certificates (new and revised)
      • Changes in Semester Credit Hour (SCH)
      • Core Courses (when this is conducted annually)
      • Policy (new and revised)
  • The memo from the UC Chair to the Provost will be addressed as follows:

To: Provost
From: UC Chair
cc: Director for Academic Programs

    • For both Item #1 and Item #2 the memo from the UC Chair to the Provost will include attachments of the list of proposals and any corresponding UC meeting minutes and subcommittee reports and, where appropriate, completed THECB required forms.
    • For Item #2 the memo from the UC Chair to the Provost will also include:
      • The Notification Memo from the Dean of the unit that is requesting the academic program change. The Notification Memo will accompany (1) Dual/Combined Degree Proposals, (2) Department Creation/Change Proposals, (3) Program Creation/Change Proposals, (4) Certificate Creation/Change Proposals, and (5) Changes in Semester Credit Hour (SCH) Proposals.
      • The Preliminary Planning Review (PPR) document will accompany only new degree program proposals. A Notification Memo is not necessary with new degree program proposals.

Note: The Notification Memo is defined on the Provost Web Site under the sub-heading, Academic Program Planning.
Note: Preliminary Planning Review (PPR) Document
Note: The Office of the Provost will respond to the recommendation(s) of the UC with the signature of the Provost affixed to the appropriate documentation that signifies acknowledgement of receipt and/or approval of the UC recommendation(s).
Note: Academic program proposals will be listed by Proposal Title in Curriculog and with their respective URL