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Faculty Web Portal for Disaster Relief Resources

Dear Faculty Colleagues:

I know that you continue to deal with the aftermath of Harvey. To help you, I want to provide you with a link to a central information portal that provides easy access to a range of resources and information that we hope you many find useful in dealing with the aftermath of the storm. I would like to thank all of the units on campus, especially the Faculty Senate, the Graduate College of Social Work, and the Library for assisting my office in compiling this information.

The faculty portal can be accessed at

I want draw your attention to the "UH Faculty Helping Faculty" Facebook group which provides a place for displaced faculty members to communicate their needs. The web portal and the Facebook site also contain a survey link where displaced faculty members can register their disaster needs so that they can be "matched" with various resources (e.g. temporary housing, food, and transportation) generously being offered by their colleagues. The same survey can be used by faculty members wishing to provide such resources to displaced colleagues.

We will continue to update this central web portal on a regular basis and for as long as needed.

Kindest regards,

Paula Myrick Short