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QEP Topic Selected

Dear University of Houston Faculty, Staff, and Students,

In fall 2016, we asked for your help in identifying the focus of our five-year Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) to improve student learning. The response was exceptional, with 47 ideas submitted to the QEP Topic Selection Committee. Based on these submissions, the committee identified four potential topics for our QEP: Diversity and Inclusion, Information Literacy/Competency, Foundational Learning, and Community and Co-curricular Engagement.

After serious deliberation, we have selected Community and Co-Curricular Engagement as the university's QEP topic. While UH already has some co-curricular/experiential learning programs, the QEP will expand these opportunities and provide a stronger focus on student learning by incorporating real-world, project-based, and community-based learning experiences into the undergraduate curriculum. These engagement courses and co-curricular activities will also enhance the leadership and teamwork skills of our students, better preparing them for the workforce.

In the next few weeks, we will be forming a QEP Planning Committee tasked with developing an implementation plan for our selected topic. I thank the committee for their work on this process, and look forward to implementing the quality enhancement plan.

Warmest regards,

Paula Myrick Short