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Emerging Trends Lecture Series: Digital Humanities Panel Discussion

Dear Faculty,

Please join us for an ongoing discussion on the Digital Humanities at the university.

Digital Humanities Panel Discussion
Friday, April 7
10:00 am – 11:00 am
Agnes Arnold Hall, Room 110

Presented by: Drs. Cameron Bruckner (Philosophy) and Kristina Neumann (History), and Santi Thompson (M.D. Anderson Library)

Scholars are increasingly using computational methods and digital media to open up new vistas in our pursuit of humanistic inquiry. In this panel, we will explore the broad range of digital humanities (DH) projects with UH Faculty who engage this style of research. Dr. Cameron Buckner (Philosophy) and Dr. Kristina Neumann (History) will discuss their own DH projects and Santi Thompson (MDA Library) will share how the library supports DH research.

The links to recordings of presentations from FY2015 and FY2016 can be found here. Additional useful tools are available at


Jeff Morgan
Associate Provost for Education Innovation and Technology
Office of the Provost