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Questions About Campus Carry August 16, 2016

Dear UH Faculty,

I am aware that many of you have questions with regard to Campus Carry generally and more specifically what language a faculty member can or should include in their syllabi or other course notices.  Faculty members are not required to post information in their syllabi or course notices with regard to the campus carry policy.  The campus carry policy and the campus carry FAQs are readily available to the campus community, including our students at the following links:

If a faculty member chooses to include language in his or her syllabi or course notices about campus carry, please know that the faculty member cannot make any statement or take any action that would identify, limit, restrict, or dissuade a license holder from exercising their rights that are provided in the University's campus carry policy or applicable law.  Directing students to the links provided above could be useful.  

I hope this email clarifies questions that some of you have raised.  Please contact me if you have additional questions.

Warm regards,

Paula Myrick Short