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End of Semester Helpful Web Links April 29, 2016

Dear UH Colleagues:

Below you will find a snapshot summary and links to University academic policies useful at the end of term. Links to graduate academic policies are also provided.

1. Academic Honesty
2. Requests for Ws and Incompletes
3. Grade Appeals / Academic Grievances
4. Graduate Academic Policies

ACADEMIC HONESTY: Policy and Instructor FAQs

You may check if a student is eligible for a waiver of the departmental hearing through our office.
Contact: Heidi Kennedy at and include the student's name, ID number, department, and your contact information.


The opportunity to drop a spring 2016 course with a W expired on April 1st.

Before the term closes, instructors may drop students from a course under certain circumstances with their dean’s approval as outlined in the undergraduate academic policy for dropping courses.

Students may mention medical or personal emergency circumstances impacting more than just your course and may wish to consider their eligibility for a medical or administrative withdrawal.

The undergraduate academic policy on incomplete grades outlines that the temporary grade of "I" may be an option for the instructor if students, for non-academic reasons beyond their control, have not completed a relatively small part of all requirements for a course, and are currently passing a course or still have a reasonable chance of passing in the judgment of the instructor. 

If you agree to arrangements with the student for a grade of incomplete,the student must not re-enroll for your course. Whether your College has an incomplete agreement form or not, it is helpful to outline with the student what needs to be completed and by what deadline - with the understanding that if the fulfillment of the course requirements you outlined have not been completed by the designated deadline, you will assign the earned grade. If no letter grade is assigned, the "I" grade converts to an "F" after one year and may not be changed to a "W".


Final Grade Reports:

Your College may also have a grade appeal policy; some permit appeals of calculation errors only.

However, University policy states, "students are encouraged to contact the instructor of record or submit written requests to the department chair whenever questions arise concerning a grade received in a course. Grade appeals must be made within 90 days after the posting of the grade."

Undergraduate Academic Grievances:

Key elements for the student to follow if pursuing a formal appeal:

  • appeal in writing, attach to general petition form
  • must be turned in within 90 days of the posting of the grade for the course
  • appeal flows through academic chain of command (instructor first, then Department, then Dean...)

Grading: incompletes and grievance.

Best wishes for a smooth end of the semester,

Heidi Kennedy, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean
Undergraduate Academic Affairs